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The articulations that connect most of the above-mentioned aspects on the Anthropocene, climate change, feminism, ecocriticism, material feminisms and ecofeminist debates can be grouped under the "nonhuman turn" set of concerns, since implicit in their goals is the troubling of dichotomies that have for so long justified the oppressions of women, of nature, and of innumerous nonhuman bodies and things.
Perception, in reality, is the focus of innumerous approaches: rationalism, empirics, constructivism, computational approach, neurophysiology, cognitive neuroscience etc.
Arjun Mahatta, the fourth generation, says he has heard innumerous stories from his father and grandfather.
We are tasked with juggling innumerous initiatives from increasing lead generation to creating higher-quality content to managing customer retention and acquisition campaigns; in fact, the average marketer today is working on 13 content marketing initiatives, according to CMI.
Locking compression plates comes with innumerous advantages in such circumstances.
Nowadays, the data became digital data, being stored, related and, correlated by database innumerous, growing in quantity at each second.
The critics that scratch the surface of Erdoy-an and Davutoy-lu's texts have shown us that this couple does not believe in a single human civilization, but think that there exists an alleged Muslim civilization that is ontologically different from the Western one, arbitrarily disregarding the innumerous common points and cherry-picking only the differences that can easily be interpreted as signs of diversity within the same civilization.
We are not addressing here the innumerous contributions of family doctors to epidemiology of the first line (2-5), nor their contribution to the health information process (6, 7), but their relation to time, to knowledge, and to preventative attitude.
Human Rights and International Operations explained that the Bush administration had to determine how to encourage rule of law and respect for human rights innumerous countries in the Islamic world where neither of these matters are in very good shape.
As part of the first phase of the strategy, a top expert in genetic conservation from the university, Dr Nigel Maxted, who has worked innumerous international projects and has recently been involved in developing a strategic options paper for the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, has visited Oman.
Replying to a question, the minister clarified that Pakistan Army has been carrying out operation against terrorists sans any discrimination, adding that the forces have given innumerous sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.