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However, lately farmers have turned to silage inoculants which are additives containing anaerobic lactic acid bacteria used to manipulate and enhance fermentation in silage making as a way of increasing the animal intake and performance.
The addition of PFJ and LAB inoculant had no influence on LAB, total mesophilic bacteria (TMB), mold and yeast numbers of the silages.
McDonald [18] suggested that an ideal silage inoculant should grow at temperatures of up to 120[degrees]F (48[degrees]C).
Compared to 75% NP, the plants inoculated with microbial inoculants + 75%NP + 100%K showed significant results.
Another possible explanation was that in ensiled fodder, homofermentative bacterial inoculant was applied that consisting of Lactobacillus plantrum.
under water deficiency as a source of more efficient inoculants.
In the last two decades, the use of microbial inoculants in agriculture and agricultural research in the public and private sector have increased (Hayat et al.
It was then suggested to change the chemical composition of inoculants used in casting and through machinability tests conducted on the samples, to observe the effect of each addition in the milling properties of the material.
The bacteria comprising the inoculant ferment sugars into lactic acid, resulting in less loss of nutrients and better silage quality (McDonald, 1981).
The agricultural inoculants market has grown exponentially in the last few years and this trend is projected to continue.