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By tracking the so-called "hit rate" of the inoculant, the inoTECH system gives the operator increased control during inoculation.
In addition, the co inoculation of both microorganisms enhanced the mycorrhizal colonization of wheat roots, suggesting also a possible mycorrhiza helper bacterium activity for Azotobacter.
Among the county's 10,000 six-graders, health officials expect about 60 percent to receive the free inoculations.
Effect of Azospirilum inoculation on root infection and nitrogen incorporation of wheat.
Recently, it has been shown that even mosquito inoculation system can be used to determine virus transmission capabilities (36-39).
Lab tests found no virus transmission 6 weeks after inoculation.
The main ways of the nitrogen application into soil are the mineral nitrogen fertilizer or Rhizobium inoculation of seeds or soil in order to obtain biological fixation of nitrogen.
Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corporation (West Haven, CT) has patented a device and method for seed-train expansion of a source of mammalian cells and their use in production of proteins expressed by the cells comprising the use of a dedicated inoculation bioreactor for expanding the cells prior to the transfer to a production bioreactor.
The EUA, which is currently due to expire July 27, stipulates that troops be advised of the vaccine's benefits and risks; it also requires personnel to be informed that the vaccination is strongly recommended by both military and civilian leaders, while being assured that no penalty will result from refusing inoculation.
INOCULATION has saved countless millions of lives worldwide - tens of thousands of them in this country alone.
Now it has become clear - in a series of leaks and botched announcements - that there are two more major concerns in the inoculation programme for her to confront.
Two persons, one in England and one in Boston, were, each in their own way, key movers in increasing the acceptability of inoculation against smallpox.