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To check the efficiency of the inoculation on any legume crop is not difficult and it can be checked in the comparison study of inoculated and non-inoculated of the same species of crop and see the difference of the number of nodules and their distribution on the root as well as careful breaking open nodules will reveal if they are pink or reddish colour showing that nodules are active; whereas green or white nodules are inactive.
There were several reports on the interaction between Rhizobia inoculation and P supply.
With the camera in fine with the pipe, you get a true view of the inoculation process.
Leprosy acquired by inoculation from a knee injury.
The increase in TB cases in the city (Mail, October 22) was very predictable when, for some unaccountable reason, the inoculation programme came to an abrupt end in 2005.
Inoculation then provides theoretical rationale and systematic intervention methods to motivate and train young Chinese men to resist cigarette initiation.
Mather, on the other hand, considered inoculation to be a gift from God.
Inoculation with bacterial mixtures (nitrogen fixers and phosphate solubilizing) provided a more balanced nutrition for the plants and the improvement in root uptake of nitrogen and phosphorus was the major mechanism of interaction between plants and bacteria (Belimov et al.
Onesimus told him how, in Africa, inoculation was a common practice and that it greatly diminished the horrendous effects of smallpox.
And in response to the possible adverse effects, China has also established a system which enables local health departments to halt inoculation if serious cases like death or deformity were reported.
The central operation of the process, the inoculation of the compost sacks with secondary mycelium, is performed by a gantry robot with three degrees of freedom, with a special design (Petre et al.