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Seed inoculation and soil inoculation also exhibited the enhancing effects on microgreens growth, fresh and dry weight.
The flasks were incubated on shaker incubator for uniform bacterial growth on broth then used as inoculum for artificial inoculation in glasshouse and field experiments.
There is a great chance of good response to grain legume or pasture inoculation where there has been first time cultivation of the legume crop in history.
To improve soybean yield, biological nitrogen fixation, contribution to soil fertility restoration, inoculation with efficient strains of Bradyrhizobia has already been tested in several countries (McInnes and Haq, 2007; Houngnandan et al.
The highest grain yield was obtained in both inoculations with mycorrhiza treatment and inoculation with mycorrhiza fungus plus with Azotobacter treatment in normal irrigation conditions.
That service has gradually, over the years, been eroded, be it the visit of the 'nit nurse' to the local school or, more importantly, the inoculation of children against diseases such as tuberculosis.
He remembered a similar outbreak 20 years previously and was determined to alleviate the current epidemic with a program of inoculation.
China is focusing inoculation on vulnerable groups such as students, teachers and patients of chronic diseases.
Consider, for example, the number of inoculations that have caused meningitis.
Thousands of families concerned at reports that autism could be linked to the controversial all-inone MMR jab paid pounds 70 to have separate inoculations at Pugh's Elstree Aerodrome clinic.
But parents flooded the clinic with calls 18 months ago after a newspaper reported that inoculations given at the clinic might not be effective.