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Bacterial Inoculum (Cultivation, Isolation-Purification and Adaptation)
Regarding inoculum, it presented typical values of anaerobic sludge from municipal WWTP since pH, TA and BA are indicative of good buffer capacity which favors anaerobic digestion (Torres et al.
Similar results reported in Bacillus subtilis with 5% (v/v) inoculum size (Abusham et al.
Then, a study was conducted in a similar soil under field conditions where the same commercial inoculum was used in combination with different rates of chemical fertilizers on the growth, yield and number of fruits of industrial tomato.
These include postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, inflammatory nodules at inoculums site.
Accordingly, while genetic resistance will be a central strategy in disease management, it must be coupled with measures that minimize inoculum levels of strawberry pathogens in soil.
Typically, this approach yields a stock inoculum solution with about 107 spores/mL, which, for the purposes of this testing, we assume to be approximately 107 CFU/mL.