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Inoffensively saucy, quite old-style comedy is something that I hadn't done before and something that I definitely wanted to be part of
Listening to a tape of Bedrich Smetena's The Moldau as he drives along Blue Earth County 12, the poet resents the relentlessly nondescript landscape of southern Minnesota: the way "the sun sets inoffensively through a marsh of winter clouds / over the field next to the lake / or over the lake next to the field, / the field next to the field.
Emptying multiculturalism of political place, with the exception of Canada, reinforced essentialised ethnicity which then covertly, and inoffensively, reinforced mainstream privilege and prejudice.
Inoffensively, I would have likely opened the doors for spiritual conversation and thus appropriately integrated my faith into my tutoring.
They are Sauls, subject to darkling moods of violence, retaliation, eviction and torment of those who, however inadvertently or inoffensively, offend.
His exordium attempts to make the hostile audience more receptive to his point of view through restrictio and an initial, friendly concession (paromologia), part of his brief appeal to ethos (simultaneously, his introduction is of an inoffensively corrective nature in that he insists that his judges have misunderstood the nature of his illness and, hence, his case).
By means of such anti-theatricality the narration tests not only the role of sympathy as the basis of human character, but also probes the nature of what can be related, a narrative which scarcely raises its voice above a suffering reduced to silence, the significance of which can hardly be written into the tranquillity of what alone might assign a place for it, a place from which its minimal or muted character might come to be read inoffensively, as a refusal of outrage which precisely keeps its eye on the suffering object.
Ruling that a Christian fundamentalist had the right to hold forth on the steps of Wakefield Cathedral, Lord Justice Sedley said: ''Freedom only to speak inoffensively is not worth having.
Shakespeare's inoffensively "secular" art thus transcends the history and religious divisions of his time, but we are assured that he was a conforming member of the Church of England, whose "broad and inclusive" character, however, prevents us from determining his personal faith (3-4).
German state legislation impeded his departure, dictated his financial support for the welfare of the entire community, and gave him the chance to express inoffensively a sense of belonging.
He says that even groups like Queer Nation and ACT UP made a conscious effort to dress inoffensively for the march.
Where many of the big players are aiming for an inoffensively bland look, the Fusion delivers bold styling that projects a more luxurious message than we expect for its broad, family-car mission.