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As Michael Pollan wrote in the New York Times Magazine in late 2007, "The word 'sustainability' has gotten such a workout lately that the whole concept is in danger of floating away on a sea of inoffensiveness.
There is only mutual inoffensiveness Between us, and a sense
He's pissed it all away in his unrelenting dedication to mediocrity and inoffensiveness.
Laughs, Daughtry, who looks like he's afraid to crack a smile because it might break his face, is offensive because of his inoffensiveness.
Blake, famously described by a contemporary as a lunatic whose personal inoffensiveness prevented him being locked up, regularly saw and conversed with angels.
And each year, more and more industry types show up to pay tribute to technicolor virtue and inoffensiveness.
Erring on the side of inoffensiveness, Ed Sullivan chose to film Presley from the waist up.
In the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, journalists have swapped objectivity for inoffensiveness.
What he posits, however, is a notion of propriety which qualitatively differs from that embraced by those members of polite society who equate inoffensiveness with morality, even by those who are also churchmen.
And Keith Thompson has an awkward combination of inoffensiveness and quiet authority as he seeks to remove the cuckoo he has brought into the nest.
Societal attitudes about the inoffensiveness of sexual contact between women and boys have been documented by psychologists in the United States.