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275) Furthermore, whatever the difficulties surrounding enablement's overlap with inoperability, they appear neatly resolved when considering Prempro's patent: because the patented method produces the opposite effect of what it intended, the claims ultimately required an impossible, "nonsensical method of operation.
Engaged Russia during the recent Exercise Combined Delivery, a fuels inoperability exercise at Putlos, Germany, Fall '07
According to the Court, the reason for this conclusion, in addition to the Social Benefits Tribunal being empowered to consider questions of law, is that a declaration of constitutional invalidity is different from a declaration of inoperability under a provincial human rights code.
Using the inoperability input-output model (an adaptation of Wassily Leontief 's input-output model that puts more emphasis on interdependencies), Haimes and his colleagues estimated the percentages of dysfunctionality that would be observed in 485 sectors of the regional economy as a result of an H-EMP attack.
Although, as they investigate the apartment complex marked by the Christmas lights, climbing innumerable stairs due to the inoperability of the elevator, Selena becomes more nurturing as she asks a winded Jim, 'Do you need a break?
A notable exception is, of course, the photocopier which persists in a near-permanent state of inoperability.
Section 202, an employee-retention credit for small employers affected by Hurricane Katrina, allows employers of less than 200 workers to receive a tax credit of 40% on up to $6,000 of continuing payments made to eligible workers during the period of their business inoperability.
9 MHz range of spectrum, some users of garage door openers have experienced varying levels of inoperability that has been attributed to interference caused by the new radios.
Severe or unexpected weather or seasonality; electricity-usage fluctuations; transmission or transportation constraints, inoperability or inefficiencies; availability of competitively priced alternative energy sources; changes in supply and demand for energy commodities; natural disasters, wars, acts of sabotage, terrorist acts, embargoes and other catastrophic events; government regulations; requirements for numerous permits, approvals and certificates from agencies that regulate the business.
Morris and David Friedman say they were heartened by--and remain grateful to--fellow recyclers and document destruction company owners who helped them during the plant's nearly nine-month period of inoperability.
The utility loss is exacerbated as the time of inoperability increases while the purchaser searches for and secures an appointment with a qualified repair technician.
Stropki studied the challenges of Command and Control inoperability between the United States and its NATO allies.