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An analysis using an inoperability input-output model revealed that the major sectors whose functioning would be impaired by the closure of the bridge-tunnels would be primary metal manufacturing and textile manufacturing.
Where interference has been reported, the problems range from intermittent inoperability to situations where the garage door may not open at all with the remote control device.
By powering its new SimpleMeetup Video service with the RealPresence Platform - the most comprehensive and interoperable software infrastructure for universal video collaboration - SimpleSignal is taking advantage of Polycom's broad open standards-based inoperability to make it possible for employees, partners, and customers to collaborate face-to-face across multiple platforms and devices without worrying about whether the service and systems will work together.
3 Program, of which this project is a part, is intended to protect the existing water system capacity of the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) against potential inoperability of the existing Intake No.
In addition to the 3D printing educational sessions, another full day of sessions will cover M2M, the Industrial Internet of Things, investigating the transition from wired to wireless, the conversion of legacy systems, and resolving security and inoperability issues.
The Customs Service lacks capacity in other areas that hinder effective counternarcotic efforts, including an inability to operate a fleet of interceptor boats and the inoperability of some x-ray machines.
In a report published in the January 2013 edition of Health Affairs, Rand researchers blamed the slow progress on the "sluggish" adoption of health IT systems, the inoperability of health IT systems, and healthcare providers' failure to reengineer their care processes to take full advantage of health IT.
If the examiner establishes a prima facie case of inoperability, the applicant can either attack it (108) or rebut it with persuasive arguments or additional evidence sufficient to convince a PHOSITA to accept the applicant's assertions as true.
Loose batteries can short circuit, likely damaging the electrical system, endangering the vehicle's computers, and placing the vehicle in jeopardy of dangerous inoperability or even fire.
Radio inoperability is something that our public safety officials should not have to worry about in this day and age and this investment in our infrastructure will go a step further to ensure their safety.
Develop a national strategy and long-term plans for standards and inoperability to support a broad set of healthcare priorities.
150) But on those occasions where applicants overcame this strong presumption of inoperability, it was the working example that provided the best evidence that the state of the art had advanced far enough to allow a PHOSITA to achieve the claimed result.