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Authorities also directed to take indiscriminate action against consumers involved in power pilferage besides those making inordinate delay in payment of power bills, the sources added.
Dela Cruz said it is his personal opinion not to dismiss the cases due to inordinate delay, which under the Supreme Court's latest definition should include the fact-finding investigation.
However, truck owners have maintained that corruption and inordinate delays have made their job difficult.
It's an important job but the salary is an inordinate sum ROBERT DOWDS dublin yesterday
It is a unique opportunity to remove from the soul every inordinate passion so as to make room for the immense rejoicing and gladness of Easter.
current-account deficit grew, suggesting that thriving foreign traders, not inordinate foreign savers, determined events.
Not only do they use an inordinate amount of fuel by causing vehicles to brake and accelerate every 100 metres or so, they also cause excessive wear on suspensions and brakes.
The early church in Acts and the encyclicals of numerous popes have provided guidance on the inordinate accumulation of all treasure: time, talent and money.
We paid inordinate attention in the early days of New Labour to courting, assuaging, and persuading the media," Mr Blair said in a speech to Reuters.
The premise that co-location is required is invalid, and we need to stop spending inordinate amounts of time, energy and money to maintain it as our fundamental operational structure.
The members of these committees (Committee on Corporate Reporting, Committee on Corporate Finance, Committee on Benefits Finance, Committee on Taxation, Committee on Private Companies, Committee on Finance and Information Technology, and the Committee on Government Business) dedicate an inordinate amount of time to ensure that our voice is heard on specific issues.