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The 35-year-old comic said: "I'm inordinately proud and pleased to have won a Malcolm Hardee Award.
And a son of whom his mother would be inordinately proud.
Banishing any hint of the Welsh legend's swivelhipped former self, Spirit In The Room remains, for the most part, rather subdued, mainly featuring semi-acoustic blues numbers that seem inordinately preoccupied with themes of ageing and death, most explicitly on the tracks Dimming Of The Day and the Hank Williamsreferencing opener Tower Of Song.
He became inordinately fond of being British-based, though not British-born.
Worcester is inordinately lucky to have such a gifted, versatile and devoted Shakespeare company.
It dominates the area for miles around, And gives a feeling of belonging, That makes us feel strong, of achievements, And therefore more confident and inordinately proud
Rodney Williams, the company chief investment officer and a managing principal, said, 'Our team sourced and will execute an investment that combines the integral value-add components of a consistently strong demand market with inordinately high barriers to entry, topmost location within a market, and our ability to significantly enhance performance through physical repositioning and re-branding.
If there is the need and the money available for a further memorial, I suggest that a specific plaque placed inside the ruins is all that is required and then, if there is then an inordinately large amount of money left over, it should be donated to the cathedral to help pay for the upkeep of the present memorial for future generations to enjoy, understand and contemplate over.
An RBS source said: "No one was more inordinately proud of their knighthood than him.
We now only need to thank the bookies for the inordinately generous SP
From how to administer appraisals evenly without playing favorites, to when one should handle an issue personally versus calling in reserves, to how to select appraisal processes ideal for one's chosen business, Performance Appraisal for the Everyday Manager is inordinately useful and highly recommended.
A report in a recent issue of the journal Otolaryngology has found that patients seeking rhinoplasty have an inordinately high incidence of personality disorders.