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In the past, there was always a gap between planned glass input for TV applications and planned TV panel shipments, since panel makers wanted to keep a surplus to meet sudden demand, but DisplaySearch's latest check indicated that the total second-half TV glass input area is very close to the planned area of TV panel shipments.
On April 2, the tornado damaged the materials input area of the 500,000-SF plant, Benac said.
Its feature set enables new interface functions such as application zooming, flight point feature, digital signature recognition, greater input area and more accurate input control.
As an update to the traditional Palm OS code base, Garnet incorporates new features such as standard support for a broad range of screen resolutions, a dynamic input area, improved network communication, and Bluetooth support.
The complete solution also offers a wide range of mounting variations, all of which avoid the motor input area, larger yokes and carden shafts joints, pipes and brake pack.
In the past 15 years, several mathematical formulations for vent utilization were developed based on the total input area of the cope half of the tooling and the total exhaust area of the drag half of the tooling.
Finally, it is easier to create a macro that erases old input when the input area is limited to one worksheet area.
LT: I think it's probably that you can take a group of companies which are in so many ways fierce competitors and also active in the traditional crop input area -- knowing they won't see some payback in biotechnology for quite a while -- and find a common belief in this technology to the point that they're willing to hang together.