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The Interior Minister said that the purpose of his visit besides inquiring about the health of the religious leaders was to persuade him to abandon his hunger strike and guide us on various other remaining issues.
Shah thanked prime minister for inquiring about his wife's health and also said that opposition would keep working for the strengthening of institutions.
Football Association: inquiring into Weymouth's 9-0 defeat
The Best of Inquiring Mind: 25 Years of Dharma, Drama, and Uncommon Insights" is an anthology of essays and writings from the Buddhist publication known as 'Inquiring Mind'.
Send an annual notice to tenants inquiring as to whether there is a child under six years old in their apartments.
Inquiring organizations; moving from knowledge management to wisdom.
Here's how the program works: The inquiring attorney first identifies a legal problem or issue and determines which of the categories would encompass such a problem or issue.