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Faces can turn to you inquiringly if a decision needs to be made.
A rather large group of Mexicans followed me onto the bus, and the very largest gentleman of the group, weighing close to 300 pounds, gestured inquiringly at the empty aisle seat.
In Bishop's dawn poem, "[t]he little dog next door barks in his sleep / inquiringly, just once.
But most of the artists here address those questions more inquiringly, and less programmatically, than did some of their predecessors, who--no doubt out of historical necessity--tended toward direct confrontation.
while looking inquiringly at her grandmother, Aunt Inez, for help.
The woman on his arm cocked her head inquiringly but Markus simply shook his head, agape.
I asked an employee at the visitor's center what she tells people when they ask inquiringly about the downtown.
Readers are providentially rescued from reverential awe and relieved of the familiar refrains of scholarship, to be eased into multiple channels of cultural signification, and encouraged to switch inquiringly from one form to another, looking at literature through and with sculpture and painting.
To really look inward inquiringly, as Sydney advises .