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INQUIRY, WRIT OF. A writ of inquiry is one issued where a judgment has been entered in a case sounding in damages, without any particular amount being ascertained; this writ is for the purpose of ascertaining the amount to which the plaintiff is entitled. Vide Writ Of Inquiry.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It said that the district magistrate assigned Dr Waseem, additional deputy commissioner general, as an inquiry officer.
Another inquiry against Shahid Iqbal Supervisor Enforcement Directorate has been finalized.
An inquiry led by Lord Peter Fraser was subsequently announced.
The notification highlighted that a committee conducted inquiry proceeding and submitted its report concluding therein that the charges could not be established against the accused officers.
The bureau also approved an inquiry against C and W Chief Mechanical Engineer Adnan Shafi and others.
Dame Lowell had been criticised in recent days after it emerged she worked on the inquiry from overseas 44 days in the past year, while taking home PS110,000 a year rental allowance and free flights home on top of her PS360,000 annual salary.
The inquiry has been beset by delays and controversies since it was first announced by the then home secretary Theresa May.
But the move has left members of the panel "devastated" that they could face being removed from the inquiry.
They explain the basics of inquiry and answer pedagogical questions related to inquiry in action, such as how it benefits learners, how to create an evidence-based plan for inquiry, how backward design works, and how to self-assess inquiry-based plans; the Common Core, including how inquiry affects rigor and relevance, how the knowledge product differs from an information product, and how inquiry shifts roles for learners and teachers; engagement, including fostering engagement and student ownership, sources, and technology; questioning, assessing thinking, low-level thought, bias and inaccurate information, and higher-level thinking; fostering synthesis; and assessment.
Civil Society Statements on the Establishment of a Commission of Inquiry into Atrocities Committed During the Conflict in South Sudan
Global Banking News-November 22, 2013--Australian Government inquiry likely to lead to reforms, believe bankers(C)2013 ENPublishing -