inquiry agent

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The second story finds Whicher reluctantly taking on the professional bread and butter of the private inquiry agent - divorce work.
It also remains to be established as to why links between senior police officers at the Metropolitan Police, and senior management at News International were so close, and why police officers were being paid by inquiry agents working in turn for newspapers.
Attempts were made on a number of days although, oddly enough, the inquiry agents responsible made no attempt to serve the papers on June 6 (the day of the last full council meeting - which was attended by Cllr Rai).
Airbus had initially admitted liability after Mr Roberts put in his claim, and paid him PS8,000 on account - but that was before he was covertly filmed in June last year by inquiry agents.
He had discovered that inquiry agents had been employed to see if they could get any 'dirt' on him - any stories of 'sex and drugs and rock and roll'.
That's when the TV Licensing Inquiry Agents came to call.
It has been reported that the monthly bill for the billionaire's legal team - which comprises some 40 lawyers around the world as well as inquiry agents - has reached an astonishing pounds 1.