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El nuevo procedimiento fue denominado inquisito o inquisitio (Plucknett, 2001, p.
Los esfuerzos de sus devotos, Giovanni Domenico Rubbiano a su cabeza, provocaron la instruccion de la Inquisitio super Virtutibus et Miracoli de Benito en 1594.
Nagy, Die Philosophischen Abhandlungen des Ja'qub ben Ishaq al-Kindi, (Aschendorffschen Buchhandlung, Munster, 1897) 41, long attributed to Al-Kindi but now recognized as a Latin translation of the treatise fi Anulutiqa al-Ula of the 10th-century Encyclopaedia of the Brethren of Purity (Ihwan al-Safa'), we read of the viae per quas ambulauerunt philosophi, in illis disciplinis, in quibus sua inquisitio fuit de cognitione certitudinis rerum, comprehenduntur in quatuor speciebus, scilicet divisione et resolutione, definitione et demonstratione.
In addition to having special legal und pastoral applications, inquisitio was a dialogic mode of inquiry, a means of discerning, producing or rewriting truth >> (p.
The prospect of trustee control over American churches compelled Rome to label trusteeism a heresy, a category reserved for the most dangerous violations and a justification, for example, for the Inquisitio Haereticae Pravitatis--the Inquisition.
111) <<de mandato nostro per dilectos filios abbatem sancti Emiliani et Sancium Calagurritanum archidiaconum super hoc inquisitio fieret>>.
Arnold, supra note 17, at 6-7 ("The best guess now seems to be that William the Conqueror brought the jury across the Channel to England with the Frankish inquisitio in 1066, and that the English jury finally took root at that time, eventually developing into its modern form towards the end of the fourteenth century.
739, 193-194: "Quodsi de subiecto dominii bonorum ecclesiasticorum quaeritur, inquisitio fit de subiecto inhaesionis iuris dominii, non de subiecto utilitatis in cuius favorem forte illa bona ecclesiastica sunt destinata".
The language varies: "omnis processus et condenacio factus vel fiendus et omne bannum datum seu dandum" or "omnis inquisitio et processus factis vel fiendis predictorum occasione sit cassus vanus vana et capsa [sic] et nullius valoris" or "omnis processus factus vel fiendus tollatur et cancelatur et ulterius non procedat.
As the work of Dyan Elliott demonstrates, a probatio is a test, or--as in this case--the record of a test of authenticity, a test usually performed and recorded as part of an inquisitio or inquisition.
Chapter 1 examines how the Scholastic form of the disputatio, the judicial inquisitio, and more playful literary antecedents (tenso, dialogue amoureux, jeu parti, demande d'amour, etc.
The Inquisitio Comitatus Cantabrigiensis, by contrast, is an early Domesday-like account of much of Cambridgeshire drawn up by village and hundred.