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I went to Madrid, to the Historical Archive, and to the town of Cuenca, to an Inquisitional Archive, because I was trying to track down a specific Franciscan friar who had worked in Mexico and Spain--the one who was found to be a French sympathizer and imprisoned in Mexico City.
It was assumed that the parallel functioning of inquisitional and controversial legal proceedings would make judges, prosecutors, counsels for the defense and legal scholars accept democratic types of proceedings more objectively.
4) This association emerged during the medieval period; see Dyan Elliott, Proving Woman: Female Spirituality and Inquisitional Culture in the Later Middle Ages (Princeton: Princeton UP 2004) 180-232.
These amateur stations provided tracking data that could be used for inquisitional purposes, the resolution of small perturbations in the orbit due to localized gravitational anomalies, the influence of the ionosphere upon radio signals and supplementary data in case of premature failure of the satellite transmitter or short life of the satellite.
Her topics are our first parents; the shadow of the camps and the smoke of the ovens; promised land, conquered land; universal Jew, territorial Jew; genocide between memory and negation; a great and destructive madness; and inquisitional figures.
Here the original's nonspecific [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ("caught in the devices they have contrived") becomes the more specific specter of the Inquisitional tribunal.
Without such liberties, no civilization is free of its inquisitional tendencies.
As with the inquisitional examination any attempt to question the credentials of the heresy- or witch-hunter (or any attempt to refute him) is taken as a sign of guilt, so any attempt by the putative patient to question or refute the psychiatrist is seen as confirmation of illness.
Particularly in the case of the Marxist-Leninists, this led inexorably to the worst manifestations of the politics of "religious" orthodoxy, that is, dogmatic sectarianism, clandestine caucusing and inquisitional persecution--and thus, ultimately, to fratricidal military conflict and the judgemental executions at Fort Rupert (Tafari 2001, 332).
But in the moment that an Inquisitional edict of faith was made, perhaps all parties who knew anything about the accused had to make their way to the Inquisition to denounce, lest they risk a self-demise.
In his view, the excesses in the father's Catholicism make him a central figure in the play, which he characterizes as an allegory of Inquisitional Spain at the end of the sixteenth century, an empathetic comment on the phantoms that haunted those Muslims who converted to Christianity.
The inquisitional die was cast when Gregory IX appointed the first inquisitors to search out individuals guilty of "heretical depravity.