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The Lives of Women: A New History of Inquisitional Spain.
was inquisitional torture and Star Chamber-type proceedings to force defendants to take oath against themselves.
The heretics are not merely innocent, they are martyrs: "Witches, heretics, do these not represent the suppressed, the marginalized, the objects of Inquisitional terror?
Sometimes there is a full text, some of sales, but once or twice there is a will, and on one extraordinary occasion, a text relating to a Jew accused of sodomy and handed over to the Inquisition, with the question being whether the inquisitional or royal court should try him.
These false and inflammatory accusations have fueled the torture, executions, massacres and mass expulsions of Jewish communities by a variety of opportunists eager to seize Jewish lands and possessions, including Christian mobs, greedy princes, and inquisitional courts.
So, it was working out pretty well and then this particular bishop came to wield his inquisitional impulses and attacks.
But the former Blues striker had reckoned without the incisive inquisitional skills of Radio WM reporter Dan "Jeremy Paxman" Wheeler.
poems, orations, dialogues, and commentaries that survived the turbulent events of her short life, we emerge from our reading of the volume with a sense of Olympia Morata's persona at the vanguard of the Italian Reformation, a movement whose true parameters we are only just beginning to measure as John Tedeschi, Pietro Scaramella, and Giovanni Romeo, to name only a few, have begun to map and study the inquisitional archives and revise the heretofore superficial investigation into the presence and evolution of the Protestant Reformation in Italy.
We scientists are more than lab rats, however, and the war conducted by inquisitional fundamentalists also concerns us as a threat to sermon-on-the-mount Christians.
did not make havoc or used inquisitional policies to suppress dissident
After a peasant carries home the battered hidalgo ignobly on a mule from his first, brief sally, the village priest and barber conduct an Inquisitional auto-da-fe of the corrupting romances in Quixote's library, sparing however the sensible ones in which "knights eat, and sleep, and die in their beds and make a will before they die.
Subpoena power originated in England, as part of the development from inquisitional to adversarial trial procedure.