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Young Powell, a little shy notwithstanding the friendly disposition of the other, answered him smilingly, aware somehow that there was something marked in this inquisitiveness, natural, after all-- something anxious.
The first questions are always to be asked, and the wisest doctor is gravelled by the inquisitiveness of a child.
Here passion stopt the mouth of Jones, as surprize for a moment did that of Partridge; but he soon recovered the use of speech, and after a short preface, in which he declared he had no inquisitiveness in his temper, enquired what Jones meant by a considerable sum--he knew not how much--and what was become of the money.
He is the sublimated essence of Butt-in; the refined, intrinsic extract of Rubber; the concentrated, purified, irrefutable, unavoidable spirit of Curiosity and Inquisitiveness.
Certainly; it would indeed be very impertinent and inhuman in me to trouble you with any inquisitiveness of mine.
Penelope could speak to the girl's inquisitiveness as genuine, when she asked questions about Mr.
In the coarse familiarity of their approach, and the effrontery of their inquisitiveness (which they are in great haste to assert, as if they panted to revenge themselves upon the decent old restraints of home), they surpass any native specimens that came within my range of observation: and I often grew so patriotic when I saw and heard them, that I would cheerfully have submitted to a reasonable fine, if I could have given any other country in the whole world, the honour of claiming them for its children.
But, while he was thus engaged, his caution and inquisitiveness did not forsake him, for with a face as sharp and cunning as ever, he often stopped, even in this short process, and stood listening for any conversation in the next room, of which he might be the theme.
Kate approaches her work with expertise, inquisitiveness, empathy and a refreshing sense of humor.
Youthful inquisitiveness and perseverance prevail in this simply told yet enchanting tale as Lily agrees to move to Cedarwood for one year, stating that if she even gleans a hint of danger, the family will immediately leave.