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In this book, his second collaboration with Chin, he illustrates with humor and gentleness the traits of Patty: inquisitiveness, resilience, intelligence, stubbornness and courage.
But I was quick to assure him that ours was a benign inquisitiveness not a malignant one, showing our genuine interest and concern in people.
But he admitted inquisitiveness finally got the better of him in the final 10 minutes, where the Baggies' lead looked set to count for nothing because of events at The Valley.
Childhood memories return, arousing anger against the system, inquisitiveness about the outside world and a need to search, somewhat aimlessly, for answers.
When a sudden death brings them together, Rosemary and Laura discover they share a love of gardening - and a natural inquisitiveness.
Looking together at the same picture or the same film, then writing together about it, as Bersani and Dutoit manage to do, can produce a tension between collaborators that relieves the antagonism inherent in the critic's competitive relation to works of art; it saves their work from that fixed exclusivity of purpose that actually blocks the possibilities of a fuller interpretive receptivity and inquisitiveness.
He said: "Everyone will remember Sir Christopher not only for his modesty, but for his intelligence and his inquisitiveness.
Her natural inquisitiveness to know how things work serves her well at the station because she has to be in tune with 15 full-time staff and 30 freelance programme makers.
This raises the question of how inquisitiveness, interest and the motivation to learn can nevertheless be maintained over longer periods.
And alongside resilience you'll also need inquisitiveness, persistence, empathy and skin as tough as the rear of a rhino