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But the US pageant scene - in which little girls dress as glam adults - is now making inroads here.
There can be purely domestic battles over national identity, as Inroads managing editor Bob Chodos discovers in exploring the controversy created by the federal Liberals' short-lived imposition of a values test on organizations applying for youth jobs grants.
INROADS has announced it has partnered with JPMorgan Chase and SEO to create opportunities for increased diversity in the financial industry through the launch of the inaugural Financial Services Institute (FSI) Program, the company said.
The partnership between JPMorgan Chase, INROADS and SEO Career embodies leaders in their industry sectors working together to show the importance and significance of corporate diversity.
The PPP made inroads in Latifabad taluka winning a PS seat for the first time.
Judging by Israel's reticent responses to the continuing violence along the Gaza border, the essence of the Victory concept appears to have made little inroads into the thinking of Israeli policy-makersaand even less into their consequent actions.
He said that Pakistan has most efficient cement industry that has made inroads even into the Indian market despite tariff and non-tariff trade barriers.
Greg Abbott's efforts to make inroads with Latino voters, and what to do about Confederate monuments and placards at the Texas Capitol.
M AIL T ODAY had been the first to report that the party had drafted a plan with the name to target the states lining the Coromandel coast and where it had failed to make inroads so far.
New York, NY, June 12, 2016 --( The Confidence Factor for Women in Leadership is the keynote presentation at the Leadership Summit at Inroads on June 24, 2016 in New Jersey.
Toronto police Chief Bill Blair says his organization has adjusted its use of carding in response to community concerns, but it must still find a way to make inroads in priority neighbourhoods in order to keep people safe.