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If you didn't want that, most young men went to Hamburg where a large contingent from Barmouth were always to be found working at Blom & Voss Aero Works, living in a rather insalubrious hotel on the Reeperbahn.
In the late Gabriel Garcia Marquez's masterpiece novel, One Hundred Years of Solitude, the 1982 Nobel Laureate's chronicle of the Buendla family across 7 generations is replete with dark and insalubrious events.
It can only beget violence and lead a society into insalubrious directions and anarchy.
Gilchrist Brodeur translates "vitkar allir fra Vilmeidi" as "warlocks are of Wilharm" (since the Icelandic verb "meida" means "to harm" and Gilchrist Brodeur presumable wishes to emphasise the insalubrious nature of the birthplace of the warlocks) (18).
BROOKLYN: The Collapsable Hole, home to many of Williamsburg's most daring theatrical heists--many of which are too insalubrious to mention in this publication--has closed its doors after 13 years.
From such a perspective, the concept of environmental issue, as a portrait of a broad spectrum that encompasses from local problems, such as the pollution of a river by effluents of a company up to the insalubrious and destitute conditions of the large urban centres (GARCIA, 1994), emerges as a socio-environmental problem, which is the result of how society, in its several sectors, relates with nature (FERNANDES; SAMPAIO, 2008).
(70.) Benjamin Mason Meier, Employing Health Rights for Global Justice: The Promise of Public Health in Response to the Insalubrious Ramifications of Globalization, 39 CORNELL INT'L L.J.
He pointed to the insalubrious street as evidence of despair as we spoke one summer afternoon, worried that the sewage that constantly overflowed just outside the restaurant was discouraging customers.
I can only suppose that you are cramming your messages into it, presumably making the lid no longer fit cleanly even if you press down on it, which will let flies in to lay their eggs with a highly insalubrious effect.
Some 200,000 Syrian refugees have fled the conflict in their country for Turkey, many of them living in insalubrious camps.
To replace any old insalubrious habit, we must find a new one to shatter the routine and fill the natural vacuum.