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48) Physicians in Savannah and the outskirts blamed excessive rains, heat, crowded sweets, a lack of harriers against insalubrious winds, and miasm-producing swamps and rice lands for those 907 deaths.
53) Around the turn of the fifth century it was reported that the combination of economic opportunity and insalubrious climate insured that only corrupt and greedy officials were willing to risk appointment to far-off southern Guangzhou.
But the insalubrious surroundings - purple and red walls with bottle-green ceilings - did nothing to detract from the man, who at 65 has more mischief in his soul than someone a third of his age.
France :Former Tongan and Toulouse rugby union star Finau Maka was Tuesday given a hefty fine in France for forcing an illegal Tunisian immigrant who worked for him to live in insalubrious lodgings.
It might also include persistent name calling, uncleanliness, profane language, laziness and neglect, loud music, insalubrious visitors parading through the house, raised parental voices, smoking, madcap religious instruction, too much television or other screen time, and poor nutrition.
Sofia's central bus station is nearby and the atmosphere near such places is always ever so slightly insalubrious - although this is in no way a reflection of the Dedeman.
These heroic spaces, where working class people exhibited a true 'Frenchness' and moral correctness, even in the face of often crushing poverty and insalubrious conditions, were also found in cinematic representations of the city.
We were staying just off Ancoats Lane in very insalubrious East Manchester and walking in to the conference every day past Piccadilly Station and the ultra-Gothic splendour of the Town Hall.
Bay Meadows has been shut down for real estate, and only the recession has saved Hollywood, its insalubrious location meaning it might not offer prime housing potential.
There were "some lunches we shared", recalls the author, adding how Eastwood could only afford "a junker car" back then, in which the friends would go to "a hamburger joint in an insalubrious neighbourhood in downtown LA" or "to a chili parlour in the deeper reaches of the Valley (he was less choosy about his diet in those days)".
recourse to widespread detentions of suspects in harsh and insalubrious conditions further alienated public opinion.
I would pack everything into a large suitcase and lug it off to a launderette in a particularly insalubrious part of Stamford Hill.