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The illegitimate Anne Catherick has the additional distinctions of previous incarceration in an insane asylum and a heart condition.
Audiences might not object to watching bad behavior in prisons or insane asylums.
When Talbot is finally revealed as the hairy culprit, he's sent back to the insane asylum and eventually takes it over, after objecting to (what appears to be) primitive waterboarding techniques being used to cure his 'mental' illness.
The authors raise a few alternative theories of the murderer's identity, including that the killer might have been one of the Hossack children, a neighbor who was later committed to an insane asylum, or a mysterious intruder.
It's sort of like inmates in an insane asylum considering their circumstances and concluding: "You don't look crazy to me.
Fittingly, the central figure in the tale is the young protagonist's mad grandfather, who between bouts in the local insane asylum (or "gook house," in Pound's idiolect) runs a household consisting of his mute mother, his two neurasthenic brothers (one of whom ends up hanging himself), and a servant girl from the mountains whom the grandfather has raped and impregnated.
Asylum (August 19, limited): Sir Ian McKellen is the voice of reason in this drama set in an insane asylum, with Natasha Richardson as the wife of the new head who quickly finds herself falling for one of the inmates.
The purpose of [the Adorno study] dictated the conclusion that prejudice, a psychological disorder rooted in the 'authoritarian' personality structure, could be eradicated only by subjecting the American people to what amounted to collective psychotherapy--by treating them as inmates of an insane asylum," recalled the late sociologist Christopher Lasch.
Before his death he was recognised in 'advanced' circles for his work and afterwards his reputation was enhanced by Ezra Pound's Gaudier-Brzeska: A Memoir published in 1915 whilst his lover ended up in an insane asylum.
Among the protagonist's other friends are artists, criminals, gays, heroin addicts, and inmates from a nearby insane asylum, many of whom are highly creative people.
The 37-cent denomination stamps feature Ida Tarbell, famous for the investigative series that led to the breakup of Standard Oil; Ethel Payne, whose reports in the Chicago Defender on the civil rights movement earned her the nickname of "the First Lady of the Black Press;" Nellie Bly, who posed as a patient at an insane asylum to expose the, mistreatment of the mentally ill; and Pulitzer Prizewinning reporter Marguerite Higgins, who covered World War II, Korea and Vietnam.
A SWAN LAKE SET IN A SPACESHIP or Giselle in an insane asylum, a Nutcracker that becomes a psychosexual history of a young woman's physical maturation or a Don Quixote set in Spanish Harlem slums--when do we go outside the choreographer's original conception?