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And then came his stint on I'm A Celebrity in 2004 which led to the chart-topping re-release of Mysterious Girl and Insania.
HE sang about a Mysterious Girl and once went Insania.
The Strictly Come Dancing star, 42, admitted he's embarrassed about his 2004 single Insania and said he wished fans could "move on" from the song.
Jessica Fitzgerald, a local Slimming World consultant, said meeting the Mysterious Girl and Insania singer was a wonderful way to round off the past 12 months and kick start another year.
IT was a scene of Insania as Peter Andre fans met their hero in Birmingham.
in 2004 went to No1, he holed his credibility again with Insania (the infamous song he wrote while on I'm a Celeb) and his duet A Whole New World with Katie in 2006.
He was diagnosed with the disease in February and since then he and wife Magda have been living with the Insania singer at his family home.
The Australian reached number three in the charts with his song, Insania, which he claimed to have written during his last stint on the show in 2004.
THINGS are going to get a little bit Insania in Warrington soon when Peter Andre comes to light up the town...
The 'Insania' singer also revealed that he would never make the real reason of their broken marriage public because of their children but the model knows about it.