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There was evidently, he concluded, something at work here; some storm of the mind, some paroxysm of romantic anger, goodness knows against whom or what, some insatiable contempt--in a word, something altogether absurd and impossible, but at the same time most dangerous to be met with by any respectable person with a position in society to keep up.
Colbert, and as she is insatiable, and was not satisfied with having extorted a hundred thousand crowns from a servant of the state, she has taken a still bolder flight, in search of surer sources of supply.
He had seen airships flying low and swift over darkened and groaning streets; watched great buildings, suddenly red-lit amidst the shadows, crumple at the smashing impact of bombs; witnessed for the first time in his life the grotesque, swift onset, of insatiable conflagrations.
Above us the pendent world revolved upon its axis, filling me especially--and Dian to an almost equal state--with wonder and insatiable curiosity as to what strange forms of life existed among the hills and valleys and along the seas and rivers, which we could plainly see.
And thus another innocent victim of an insatiable hate and vengeance which bad been born in the King's armory twenty years before passed from the eyes of men.
I will explain the events which led up to it as shortly and as clearly as I can, though I am well aware that the fuller the detail upon such a subject the more welcome it will be to the reader, for the public curiosity has been and still is insatiable.
He merely loved, merely acted on the prompting of his heart, or head, or whatever organic or anatomical part of him that developed the mysterious, delicious, and insatiable hunger called "love.
Very early in my life, possibly because of the insatiable curiosity that was born in me, I came to dislike the performances of trained animals.
He did not want to bite the hand, and he endured the peril of it until his instinct surged up in him, mastering him with its insatiable yearning for life.
No: the insatiable amateur had his own purpose to gain, and was not exhausted yet.
A sudden fit of curiosity (the insatiable curiosity of a child) had seized her on the subject of this key.
So spake the Son of God; and here again Satan had not to answer, but stood struck With guilt of his own sin--for he himself, Insatiable of glory, had lost all; Yet of another plea bethought him soon:-- "Of glory, as thou wilt," said he, "so deem; Worth or not worth the seeking, let it pass.