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In his book The Language Instinct, Stephen Pinker presents the inscrutability of reference as a form of UD:
This culminates in the mass cultural inscrutability of Caddy's presentation in the appendix, which, as I will demonstrate, is distinct from the modernist inscrutability that defines her presentation in The Sound and the Fury.
Increasingly popular among gamblers seeking inscrutability and alternatives to China's currency movement restrictions, junket operators are also popular among casinos aiming to reduce credit default risk and unable to legally collect gambling debts in China, where gambling is illegal.
In a chapter on the Book of fob, Salvador discusses Borges's admiration for the biblical text, in particular for the way it conveys through poetic means the idea of God's inscrutability, the ultimate mystery of God.
The main argument for the indeterminacy of translation is based on the inscrutability of reference.
excludes those approaches that avoid the problem by, for example, simply asserting the inscrutability of Providence or positing an impersonal God.
Lime, lemon, and cherry advertisements for an obelisk, with all the foretold inscrutability of the quincunx (the five-sided die), etc.
One herd of white-faced cattle, all nearly matching, stood in a line, aimed their noses at the road and watched, in bovine inscrutability, as throngs of cyclists passed.
Fiennes' inscrutability as the hero is the film's main weakness.
Alas, strong performances can't quite paper over the story's main weakness, namely the hero's inscrutability.
In the final chapter of Job, we find God poetically explaining Himself and His inscrutability to humans.
Foster's discussion of the inscrutability of physical content could have benefited a great deal from a survey of the debate over dispositional essentialism.