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In the final chapter of Job, we find God poetically explaining Himself and His inscrutability to humans.
Is this an impossible position or merely another case where the inscrutability of reference muddies the water?
What her face reflects is not only memory of the presence of the Word, but a calm awareness of its present inaccessibility and inscrutability.
Given what Mbeki represents as the world's end-game response to this most urgent of crises, why should the regime abandon its present strategic inscrutability on Abyei, as well as other unresolved issues?
Foster's discussion of the inscrutability of physical content could have benefited a great deal from a survey of the debate over dispositional essentialism.
But this is what happens in circumstances where something so important to so many people becomes mired in doubt and inscrutability.
What we need to embrace is the messiness of gender, its inscrutability and its malleability.
When Stevens cherishes the domestic scene in "The House Was Quiet and the World Was Calm," he savors the inscrutability of what the reader is reading and the silence of the house.
Not yet maniacal, there was a visible inscrutability and a complete absence of all evidence of past failure.
Some thought the inscrutability reflected a division within the Iranian government and an ability to make a decision.
Bookbinding retains its ancient mystery and inscrutability.
The owners of Longbridge, SAIC/Nanjing, have often lived up to the Chinese reputation for inscrutability in the intervening four years, with a number of false dawns and missed deadlines for model launches.