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With its fair share of crossbows, hangmen and attack dogs, the story is enriched by the appearance of the scheming Princess, played in inscrutable style by Roxane Duran.
Included under the umbrella of fairy mythology are Celtic and mainland European species such as banshees and leprechauns, ancient Greek nymphs and dryads, and African nature spirits--thematically comprising those mysterious seminatural beings from varied cultures whose actions tend to be unpredictable, motivations inscrutable, and interactions with humans brief yet frequently profound.
"The inscrutable Berbatov is going to be a behemothic threat from set-pieces so we've got to keep him closely enfettered.
I pray that God, in His inscrutable wisdom, will bring some good out of this."
The reliability of an inscrutable Hungarian National Security officer is put to the test in post-1956 Budapest in "The Exam," a nifty little pretention-free genre item from helmer Peter Bergendy.
We're catching these foreigners up in their fiendishly inscrutable game, one day we'll get the hang of it and show them who's boss.
But in his subtle and sometimes inscrutable way Lord Elis-Thomas has succeeded in ensuring the Queen has helped to make the Assembly an institution respected by many initially inclined to see it as a jumped-up branch of local government.
Act III: X paces her high school in inscrutable blue jeans.
Summing up talks' outcome, Geagea told waiting newsmen at the presidential palace press room that the present Lebanese political juncture's pretty inscrutable and that any miscalculated move could tends to intolerable.
A Turkish diplomat says Ankara's effort to reduce tension over Iran's nuclear program was met with an "inscrutable" response last week.
When asked when he plans to quit his job making planes and dedicate himself exclusively to writing, Saraf quipped, " As soon as writing is able to pay my bills!" Present at the launch was Anurag Mathur, author of the Inscrutable Americans , who himself wore an inscrutable expression while quietly watching as Saraf fiddled with his microphone asking " Can you hear me now?" before reading a few pages from his book.
Grayson said that the scenario is inscrutable. "I cannot see the justification of people who led these organizations into insolvency getting a free ride," Grayson said.