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Others thought the Islamic Republic does not plan to reach to any agreement over the uranium but was acting inscrutable in order to avoid offending Turkey by sounding a no.
Wendy tried to explain her controversial comments by saying: "It's a long time since I was at school but I was thinking of those Arthur Conan Doyle books with Sherlock Holmes when it was the inscrutable Chinese.
As a result, we get to know the Japanese soldiers and officers as individuals, not as an inscrutable Imperial enemy.
The authors empathize with readers who find that odd symbols and notations make mathematics inscrutable.
The prophet responds by reminding them that God's ways are inscrutable (v.
The functional farming/industrial aesthetic is most explicitly articulated on the inscrutable south (non-sunny) side of the house.
In the inscrutable "Lost in a Melodramatic City," two women in outlandish red gowns mimicked opera singers.
When the human face is fixed, immobilized, in paint, when it is disengaged from time by a frame, it takes on an infinite, inscrutable density.
Mr Byers was in the chamber yesterday but maintained an inscrutable silence.
This older generation of scholars, it is worth noting, tended to relate the South to its Theban prototype in a dual sense, since they insisted that the region was at once an inscrutable presence and one that held the answer to the deepest of riddles, waiting to be uncracked by those with Oedipal wisdom.
Most people who follow the markets know that Greenspan is often deliberately inscrutable, which makes any "agenda" hard to decipher.