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Chance of this kind may be choice when the entity freely but inscrutably exerts its will, an internal unsearchable process for the outside observer.
The result was John From Cincinnati, a surfers-meet-the-messiah parable so inscrutably weird that the show's other producers regularly huddled on the set to see if anyone had a clue what it was about.
The result of the project is this intriguing book and a contribution to the literature about President Nixon, whose ability, at one and the same time, to do imaginatively constructive things and to do inscrutably destructive things will never stop fascinating historians and political scientists.
The Ghost Writer, in Pierpont's perfectly pitched judgment, "is one of our literature's rare, inevitably brief, inscrutably musical, and nearly perfect books.
Her studies took her to the philosopher Richard Price, who believed that Providence ordered everything inscrutably, but that everything happened for the best--even those things that seemed distinctly otherwise, such as the madness and death of so many of her children.
The prose is as taut as lean muscle and creates a chilling kind of hypnosis: We begin to think as this 11-year-old boy thinks, an impossible feat of intense artistry, given his horrendous acts and inscrutably twisted mind.
8) The opening movement of 'The Coronet' proceeds from the contrite to the inseparably contrite and hubristic, from affirmation to the affirmative implicated with the subversive, from the Christocentric to the self-consciously and inscrutably egocentric.
As such, the problem of the voice of the early modern child witness or child victim derives mainly from its cultural position as a shifting and shifty agent: its potential to rather spookily articulate a truth that is out of adult reach or, conversely, to articulate a dangerous and even malicious untruth, or yet again to be inscrutably silent and thus indecipherable--though, importantly, also open to forms of ventriloquism.
Marriage,' he began, his eyes twinkling and yet quite profound, for he was deeply serious and hugely amused at the same time, 'Marriage,' he said, speaking in the slow, full-mouthed way of the Brangwens, 'is what we are made for--"Let him talk,' said Alfred Brangwen, slowly and inscrutably, 'let him talk.
My colleagues in the parallel discipline of retail consulting talk inscrutably about the importance of the 'Three L's.
He slaps the Lone Ranger, then inscrutably explains: "Bird angry".