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Unless the balance of power is reset in the workplace, economic inequality and insecure work will continue to get worse, the union organisation warned.
Attachment theory has been the subject of much study to determine how insecure childhood attachments affect relationships in adulthood.
The men should not feel insecure but identify the purpose of these policies and support them for equality.
(You shouldn't be insecure. You need to know yourself.
Speaking to ANI, Javadekar said, "If anyone feels insecure in the most secure country then it reflects their insecure mentality.
class="MsoNormalFOOD INSECURE class="MsoNormalOne third of Kenyans live below the poverty line ($1.90 per day) according to the National Bureau of Statistics.
July 6: The Express Tribune report by Sehrish Wasif states that feeling insecure and facing resource crunch transgender persons contesting general elections have started pulling out of the race.
Computer experts say the failure to patch millions of insecure devices after last year's Mirai denial-of-service attacks means it is only a question of time before further broad-based outages occur.
Modern Family star Ariel Winter says she feels "insecure all the time" and recalled being branded "fat" during her younger years.
Employment is a field where predictions of the future have been reliable, because the trends have been clear for some time now that growth in insecure employment has reached a point to become a subject of study.
However, the global average of children under age 15 living in homes that are food insecure is 12.7 percent.
It finds that while in 2014, 44 percent of the population was defined as food insecure - in 2017 only 24 percent are in the same situation, where they do not have access to or cannot afford food sufficient for their daily dietary and nutritional needs.