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An insecure van parked at Swallow Tail Drive had tools and a sat nav stolen from inside.
Inspector Mike Grady, who leads the East Sector Community Safety Teams, said: "Sadly, a good proportion of burglaries in this county take place at homes that have been left insecure.
Single women with children were particularly likely to have difficulty putting enough food on the table--about one in three were food insecure in each year.
There were 600 burglaries in King-standing and Sutton between July and December 2005 with 162 the result of insecure properties.
He added: "You never know, they might even ring the bell and wake you up if they find the front or rear door is insecure.
Like a padded cell, INTEGRITY PC prevents Linux, non-memory-protected operating systems such as Wind River's legacy VxWorks, and other insecure and unreliable software from harming the rest of a system while also limiting the harm it can do to itself," explained Dan O'Dowd, founder and chief executive officer of Green Hills Software.
Stengel's explanation: "There's a reason God is insecure; He's the projection of an insecure people" Perhaps, he notes, "the covenant went to the Israelites' heads.
The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) indicated that the greatest concern in the assessment is the finding that the proportion of severely food insecure people who have already exhausted their capacity to cope with these emergencies has increased, meaning many more are now forced to sell land, take children out of school to work, or depend on relatives for support.
Our results show that insecure people (anxious-ambivalent) tend to be compulsive in their care for their partners, while people prone to avoidance tend to be controlling and to exhibit greater conflict in their sexual desire", Javier Gomez Zapiain, a professor of the psychology of sexuality at the University of the Basque Country and lead author of the study, told SINC.
Northumbria Police's East Tynedale Neighbourhood Inspector Kevin Oates said: "We believe the incidents could be linked and that the thieves are looking for motorbikes that are left insecure.
Nearly 16 percent of households with children were food insecure sometime during the year, including 8.
I'm not insecure and my friends are cool, so it can't be about me.