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Haters cannot stop hating without exposing their personal insecurities.
The criminally motivated skinheads possess a certain sense of self-worth; hence, they have fewer insecurities.
Peer validation bolsters a sense of self-worth and, at the same time, prevents introspection, which reveals personal insecurities.
As for the insecurities that spring from fear of losing a loved one to crime or accident, these are possibilities that should not be at the forefront of our minds.
Having elevated men's physical and sexual insecurities to the level of grand paranoia, lads' mags can then get down to what really matters: moving merchandise.
It appears that, no matter how much clarifying lotion and hair gel you're trying to sell them, men must never suspect that you think they share women's insecurities.
Until they do, however, I guess my consolation will have to be the image of thousands of once-proud men, having long scorned women's insecurities, lining up for their laser peels and trying to squeeze their middle-aged asses into a snug set of Super Shaper Briefs -- with the optional fly front endowment pad, naturally.
If we look at the history of the presence of trans-regional forces, we will see that all of the insecurities, destructions, terrorist operations, and piracy have increased since their coming to the region," Deputy Head of the Iranian Armed Forces Brigadier General Mostafa Salami said on Sunday.
I do have my insecurities," Us magazine quoted her as telling October's Elle.
If your storytopping bud only tops your tales of good fortune (she interrupts your news of getting the lead in the play with a story about accidentally flashing the audience during her dance recital), it's possible your successes plays on her insecurities.
I think a lot of his insecurities stem from his early life.
At the ballet school I could sense that my talent was unique, and because this feeling lies deeper than my insecurities, I knew I could triumph over my demons and make it as a dancer.