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Poverty creates a bulk of food insecurity while combining with other political and socio-economic problems like poor people have no or lack of access towards resources to buy quality food or to produce food for them, poor farmers have small land holding, less effective techniques for farming purpose and lack of access to input as a result of which food production is limited.
Levine's key discovery is that rhetoric about economic insecurity issues is self-undermining.
The political struggle and the crises in Iraq, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Palestine led to an increase in the rate of spread in food insecurity for 25 years and up to this day.
Food insecurity has been linked to detrimental health outcomes such as obesity, chronic diseases and mental health disorders in adults.
Insecurity has denied the region's income from tourism, said Waliaula, adding that economic potentials in Turkana and West Pokot counties have not been exploited.
Food insecurity, the limited or uncertain availability of nutritionally adequate and safe food, exists in 17.
Non-local teachers who secured employment in areas with incidents of insecurity should be posted to serve in schools near urban centres where they can conveniently access accommodation, transport facilities and emergency services," the circular reads in part.
My skin has always been my biggest insecurity and last week for the first time in a really long time I felt confident enough to step out without any make up,' wrote Wilson candidly.
In Pakistan, however, food insecurity among women was a staggering 11 percentage points higher than that among men.
The changes taken by Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i will help contain insecurity as youthful county commissioners who have been posted to the troubled region are capable and have the will to curb insecurity.
The second part of the survey was focused on online harassment and the gendered nature of digital insecurity .
Even when vaccination campaigns were carried out in times of high insecurity, the vaccination coverage was about 5 per cent lower than in times of low insecurity,' Verma said.