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In reality, discussions on the optimum time to inseminate a cow have to consider its impacts on reproductive performance of the herd, risk of a cow to be culled or die with more calvings in a lifetime, as calving is the period of highest risk for culling and death, genetic progress of the herd, as more calvings in a lifetime results in more replacement heifers, and milk yield per day of calving interval, all of which will impact the economics of the decision.
The reproductive success of a male is usually a function of the number of females he inseminates, especially when males produce numerous gametes and when little time and energy is spent on care of offspring.
Ultimately, such protocols will allow cattle producers to inseminate a large number of animals at once with genetically superior germplasm and simplify the management of pregnant animals.--By
They said Pedro and Buddy's separation would only last as long as they can inseminate their respective female partners.
The airport has awarded a Midland-based beekeeper's association a grant to buy equipment to enable workers to artificially inseminate bees as part of a bid to increase the UK's bee population.
This is what is referred to as standing heat if observed, this would be the perfect time to inseminate the cow.
Rather than bring a bull into the zoo's herd, bosses chose to fly experts in from Germany to inseminate Noorjahan with a sample taken from the bull elephant, Emmett, at Whipsnade Zoo.
A state prisoner brought a [ss] 1983 action and state law claims against a warden, alleging violation of his constitutional right to procreate by refusing to allow him to artificially inseminate his wife.
Not so for murderer Gavin Mellor, who has had the brass neck to ask the European Court of Human Rights to overturn the Home Office's refusal to allow him to artificially inseminate his wife.
The center plans to artificially inseminate four other calves while monitoring the progress of their growth.
They plan someday to artificially inseminate her genetically identical calf, a 2-week-old female named Elsie, with sperm now frozen for storage.
The pounds 60 two-day seminar at a secret location which will teach lesbians how to inseminate themselves has caused outrage.