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Three males out of 19 did not inseminate any female, most of the males inseminated one or two females and two males inseminated three females (Fig.
4) The Jockey Club Rules prohibiting racing clones and artificially inseminated horses is a house of cards that will fall to antitrust litigation and economic common sense, maybe sooner than later; and
Iliescu underwent fertility treatment for nine years, including procedures to reverse the effects of menopause, before being artificially inseminated, the head doctor at the hospital, Bogdan Marinescu, was quoted as saying by the private Mediafax news agency.
About 4 weeks after the cows were inseminated, he used ultrasound to determine whether they were pregnant.
There have been successful cases of artificially inseminated dolphins giving birth in Hong Kong and the United States.
If the HIV test shows that the sperm cells are below the limit of HIV detection, they are artificially inseminated into the woman while she is ovulating.
Because she had a good pedigree, the officer thought about breeding from her with a view to producing good police dogs and inseminated her, they said.
This 2-1 decision was the first ruling of its kind and does not apply to female inmates and rejects the warden's concerns that female inmates will seek to be artificially inseminated as well.
The 11-year-old mother, who was artificially inseminated as part of a programme to repopulate the species, gave birth to the male cubs in the Wolong Giant Panda Protection Research Centre in Sichuan province.
A British newspaper claims that a lady-in-waiting for Japan's late Empress Dowager Nagako gave birth to a son from inseminated sperm given by Emperor Hirohito to ensure an imperial succession after she gave birth to four daughters.
She was brought up by buzzards after her mum, Sable, was artificially inseminated in a unique operation at the National Bird of Prey Centre in Gloucestershire.