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These herds usually begin inseminating cows early to compensate for their deficiency in estrous detection and the extended interval to first AI some cows experience.
The project will involve inseminating 5,000 cows through Cogent Breeding services across a number of dairy units.
Bourgeonal or other sperm attractants might someday be used in a fertility test to identify sperm with the best chance of artificially inseminating an egg, the researchers suggest.
Hokkaido prefectural police reprimanded an officer in March for artificially inseminating a police dog without his superiors' consent, police officials said Thursday.
Of the five, three eggs were undamaged and the clinic returned two of them to the woman's womb after inseminating them, the doctor said.
Swiss scientists tested the theory by artifically inseminating queens of the bumble bee with sperm from specially-bred workers that had either high or low genetic diversity.