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It turns out there is not much information about obesity and insemination outside the PCOS [polycystic ovarian syndrome] population.
Although those receiving insemination had a slightly higher rate of pregnancy, the experts said this was not statistically significant.
According to the NGLTF, donor insemination use among lesbian couples has increased since the 1980s.
If their campaign is successful, supporters hope it will lead to the establishment of a voluntary national registry of donors of sperm and eggs used for artificial insemination.
Linda Gregory, the unit's consultant embryologist, said today they were extremely pleased with their donor insemination results.
At Paulson's USC clinic, patients using insemination and IVF with their own eggs have a live birth rate ranging from 50 percent for women under 35 to 20 percent for women over 40.
Both Ms Rose, who lives in Brisbane, Australia and the child, who comes from York, were conceived through donor sperm insemination.
Only 1% of men whose children were born using artificial insemination with donor sperm plan to tell their children, a Keio University Hospital survey showed Wednesday.
The court held that the prisoner did not have a right to procreate through artificial insemination while incarcerated, nor to have conjugal visits.
Under the directives, patients are restricted from receiving a variety of legal medical procedures, including abortion, sterilization, emergency contraception and artificial insemination.
Rome--The Italian Senate, preparing a bill on artificial insemination, decided on June 22 to amend this to include the rights of the unborn.
Researchers at the Tokyo Metropolitan Livestock Experiment Station said the attempted artificial insemination conducted Tuesday involved 40 eggs extracted from Tong Tong and sperm from Ling Ling, currently the only giant panda at the zoo.