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The minister said due to unavailability of inseminators presently many leading cattle farmers hire such trained people from other areas of the country.
Secretary Health Najam Ahmad Shah directed that proper maintenance of the inseminator must be insured so that the machine could maintain its efficiency and remain functional and durable for a long time.
ECUADOR striker Ivan Kaviedes is called The Inseminator after three mums claimed he fathered their children.
Rain was falling hard on the walnut groves that surround WD Swine Farm in Modesto, California, when I arrived to meet the inseminator. I had come because Ryan Watje had agreed to let me observe the way the modern pork chop begins.
Gervaise is so upset by her first inseminator that she totally disengages from her own husband:
This was humiliating as I used to be an inseminator. After several tries at $17 each, we stopped breeding her.
Like these characters, Tuttle functions as an artistic inseminator, catalyzing Lauren's new work and encouraging her return to life.
He had at least studied agriculture at college and worked as an artificial inseminator. I was as green as the grass when it came to farming - nothing in my city upbringing could have prepared me for what was ahead.
aladu translates here: "the statues of the great gods Bel, Beltija, Belet-Babili, Ea, and Madanu were properly created in their father's house Esarra, and grew beautiful in figure." Nonetheless, we should certainly adopt the rendition recently proposed by Barbara Porter, who translated "were truly born." (16) This sentence mentions not the abu, "father," but the more corporeal zaru, "inseminator" (see Enuma Elis I 3), as well as the birth and the physical growth as part of the maturation process.
Sewer-flusher, fish merchant, turkey inseminator, knife-thrower, hill farmer, holiday rep, travelling boxer, the person who sticks the lights on Blackpool tower...
Eventually, after most of his family dies, some due to suicide, Skipper finds a reprieve on a tropical island as an artificial inseminator. As his father affirms death by working as a mortician, Skipper affirms life by inseminating cows.
Terms such as "sexual adventurer," "roving inseminator," have been used to describe a young male who values and pursues sexual conquests.