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Il a entame son repertoire par la chanson '' Lima Badhamet ala sadri'', dansante et tres rythmee, qui n' a pas laisse insensible les jeunes pour l'accompagner avec de la danse.
Drug consumption rendered each girl insensible so He targeted vulnerable you could take advantage of them and commit the assaults you did.
He said: "Come to Iron Maiden gigs, s**g yourself stupid, drink yourself insensible and have a f***ing great life.
And, finally, it's doubly cruel to workers, because it allows policymakers to hide the cost of insensible reforms in forgone wages--as Congress quite consciously did under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, not to mention previous and equally dubious "affordable-care acts.
He told that 11 officers and officials of KPK and 26 of Wildlife Department were provided training to catch wild animals and birds and shifting them from one place to another, two officials of Pakistan Air Force regarding treatment and unconsciousness of wild animals, ten officials of Wildlife Department and 20 internees of Zoology were provided training to make wild animals insensible, four employees of Wildlife Breeding Farm Jallo Park and Lahore Safari Zoo Park to control elephant and snake, two lady officers of KPK of Wildlife Management, two wildlife inspectors of Gilgit Baltistan for handling leopard and other four legged animals while 36 officers and officials of Wildlife Department were given training in different sectors of zoo management.
Ces nouvelles attaques temoignent de la strategie adoptee par Donald Trump pour regagner un electorat feminin rendu mefiant par ses declarations misogynes repetees: mettre systematiquement dans un meme sac Bill et Hillary Clinton, et la faire passer pour insensible a la souffrance des femmes.
This novel, though it involves difficult subjects, shows readers how postmodern writing techniques can make some small sort of sense out of the seemingly insensible.
Mustio inclinado sobre el largo cuello entre tus grenas la cabeza oscura, del alba aguardas el primer destello, insensible a la noche y su frescura.
Besides, it is a very sensitive job to turn insensible attributes into meaningful features.
Grave error o premeditada accion del senor Basave, que muy probablemente contribuira en gran medida a acelerar el desmesurado declive del partido hacia una extincion o estancamiento de mediano plazo, conservando la imagen de insensible, codicioso, corrupto y colaboracionista que tiene.
Una autoridad centrada en su yo, insensible a la otredad, es capaz de multiplicar la miseria y el dolor a cambio de que ella multiplique su goce con la coraza fabricada con las aportaciones de los demas.
A charge he attempted to render her insensible, unconscious or incapable of resistance by choking her on August 1 was withdrawn by a solicitor for the Public Prosecution Service.