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Actor Attila Olgac told all this on a private Turkish TV channel, then, a couple of days later, rather insensitively rebuked everything and said it was from a script he was writing on the brutalities of war.
MANAGERS at Wales' largest police force took a deliberate decision to deal with a worker's complaints insensitively, a tribunal heard yesterday.
Handle Tamils insensitively and the seeds will be sown for a future insurrection.
The last thing they need in their hour of crisis is confrontation with a doctor who treats them insensitively.
It stops short of using "large pineapple" and "up your back passage", but the point is insensitively made.
I am also excited to be involved in creating heroes for other regions like South Asia and Africa that have been ignored or handled insensitively by the existing game developers.
Nothing exemplifies this better than Tony Blair using his Scots MPs in 2004 insensitively to drive through the unpopular university tuition fees in England, when devolved Scotland was not affected.
If the opposition behaves insensitively, I'm sure there may be some sympathy'' for the ruling camp.
Why then would she choose to do this so insensitively with Tourette's?
To explain at length to a tearful, exhausted young mother in the early hours of the morning the grave consequences of giving her baby a small complementary feed (if that is what she requests) could suggest complete insensitively and intolerance of her wishes and needs.