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The album's worst travesty, though, is "Blood on the Leaves" for insensitively sampling Nina Simone singing "Strange Fruit," a very important song in American history (although the Billie Holiday version is much better) about black men being lynched in the (not so) Deep South.
All those who have failed to fulfil their duty to protect the peoples lives in Balochistan have forfeited their right to hold their positions and all of them should be made to pay for their incompetence and insensitively to the killing of innocent citizens and the sufferings of their families.
The firm was last year accused of acting insensitively after it asked staff on Tyneside to train their replacements.
Tharanga used a runner toward the end of his innings and all the England's bowlers were treated insensitively, including spinner Graeme Swann surrendering for 61 in 9 overs.
It had been insensitively remodeled but the brilliance of the concept was still plainly visible: an arc of rooms that embraced a giant pine, and a tilted roof that shaded a curved wall of glass.
Off the podium or out of ink, Trotsky was generally working alone and often insensitively, not least in family settings.
I can see how the Muslim community has been equally insensitively targeted at times since 9/11.
In an abortive attempt to deflect the flurry of stinging criticism directed at CAF, Suleiman Habuba, the governing body's communications director, insinuated, insensitively, that the Togolese were to blame for their misfortune, because they flouted alleged instructions that all teams were to travel by air only.
However, this is an important issue--one that is often insensitively handled .
He also made two groups of works that prophesy imaginary futures for the museum: etchings of its famous period rooms as if they were ruins conceived by Piranesi, the great 18th-century Roman connoisseur of decline and decay, and computer-assisted drawings of the Fifth Avenue facade after it has been converted to a strip mall of small boutiques, transformed into an enormous condominium, or insensitively repaired with discordant architectural elements.
Actor Attila Olgac told all this on a private Turkish TV channel, then, a couple of days later, rather insensitively rebuked everything and said it was from a script he was writing on the brutalities of war.
MANAGERS at Wales' largest police force took a deliberate decision to deal with a worker's complaints insensitively, a tribunal heard yesterday.