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I want to tell you that the era of insensitiveness and indifference is now over.
Sir was brief, and lacking incendiary that has made ministers to Sir Richard's evidence was brief, unsentimental and lacking in the kind of incendiary insensitiveness that has made it easy for ministers to dismiss people like Professor David Nutt, who argued two years ago that Ecstasy was less dangerous than horse riding.
The human machine has feelings of sadness and happiness, frustration and satisfaction, pain and relief, hunger and satiety, timidity and courage, greed and contentment, pride and humility, anger and calmness,, despair and hopefulness, apathy an empathy, insensitiveness and sensitiveness, hate and love and so on.
In fact, the silence about and condemnation of the cannibalistic act sets the ego of the modern individual against the cannibalistic imprint of the irrational, where one finds the morbid failure to distinguish between anthropophagy, insensitiveness and cruelty, in short, what any missionary might regard as a basic form of demonism.
The insensitiveness to this type of interference is due to the use of the shadow detection algorithm in the segmentation step (Fig.
The Report cautioned that "[t]he political domination of education by a remote central government, managed by administrative officers far removed from local conditions and sympathies, has always led to the evils of bureaucratic unresponsiveness to local and to changing needs, to bureaucratic standardization, red tape, and delay, and to official insensitiveness to the criticism of far-distant parents and citizens.
Conversely, the poor and working class chafe at the insensitiveness of the rich's attitude of condescending noblesse oblige.
An estimator is more robust the greater it is its insensitiveness towards the apriori assumption variations.
Low self-control included the following factors: lack of resistance to immediate gratification, impulsiveness, insensitiveness, physical risk taking, shortsightedness, and being unable to express problems.
The few survivors of violence who do decide to fight against the injustices done to them, have to navigate the murky waters of the legal system: the insensitiveness of police officers and other persons tasked to handle VAW cases, the long, tedious process of filing the case, the callousness of defense lawyers and judges during court trials and the equally long and oftentimes traumatic experience of watching the wheels of justice turn.
The S(2) index was proposed to overcome a limitation of the K and K2 indexes, namely their insensitiveness to correct answers copying.
Others may develop a form of insensitiveness to protect themselves against real or anticipated injuries, and - on an inner level against their own primitive rage.