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Yet it would take a brave politician to take up his evidence unsentimental the kind of insensitiveness it easy for dismiss people solution - to stop seeing drugs as an enemy that must be eradicated by the brute force of the law, and instead "focus on the rights of citizens and protecting public health".
Special features include an absolute digital travel time method for high accuracy with low velocities, insensitiveness to swirl effects, very low offset error, pulsating flow measurement, no required calibration adjustment controls, fast response, bi-directional measurements, and capable of operating over a wide range of -100 to + 100 ft.
Low self-control included the following factors: lack of resistance to immediate gratification, impulsiveness, insensitiveness, physical risk taking, shortsightedness, and being unable to express problems.
The few survivors of violence who do decide to fight against the injustices done to them, have to navigate the murky waters of the legal system: the insensitiveness of police officers and other persons tasked to handle VAW cases, the long, tedious process of filing the case, the callousness of defense lawyers and judges during court trials and the equally long and oftentimes traumatic experience of watching the wheels of justice turn.
Conversely, the poor and working class chafe at the insensitiveness of the rich's attitude of condescending noblesse oblige.
The rigidity of the present leadership and its insensitiveness to the tenets of Pacific community can cause politica, economic, social and religious brokenness.
CALL IT A clerical mistake or insensitiveness of their colleagues, many physically disabled government employees have been assigned poll duties in Jharkhand.