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Severe complications in wound healing and fracture treatment in two brothers with congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis.
Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) or hereditary sensory and autonomic neuropathy (type IV) is an extremely rare autosomal recessive disorder.
The patient was hospitalized in the ward because of congenital insensitivity to pain and soft tissue infection.
Androgen insensitivity syndrome as a possible co-activator disease.
You can say that we are confronted by a criminal insensitivity on the part of the police in such criminal cases," he said.
Your continuing insensitivity and disrespect for countries such as Trinidad and Tobago are hereby noted.
People feel that after they have been an innocent victim, they feel outraged by what has happened and I think that sometimes for some people insensitivity, unintended insensitivity, has made that worse.
It's about fasting from selfishness and obsession with self-knowledge, security, and peace, peace of the kind the world worships and encourages--devoid of grief and mourning for those who lack the basic necessities of life or suffer because of the violence and insensitivity of others.
Craig's parents and little sister are supportive, but the insensitivity of his so-called friends reveals his isolation as an adolescent.
These children have an insensitivity to social rewards that alters their brain development" Schultz remarks.
I also recognize that ignorance, insensitivity and bigotry can turn that diversity into a source of prejudice and discrimination.