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Besides ontology, he fully espouses the perspective of the Tattva with regard to the origin of the universe and human beings as arising from the basic dichotomy of Sentience and Insentience.
She is also unable to hear what he says (1059)--perhaps a positive step within the confines of her horrifying marriage, but this conclusion means that the poem appears to advocate insentience, or else advocate a superior sort of perception that receives no definition.
She and the trees are linked by their common sentience and inwardness: "From the old wood came an ancient melancholy, somehow soothing to her, better than the harsh insentience of the outer world.
of insentience, Tom believes that imagined agony is the worst kind.
Consider how rich the opening poem "Why All Good Music Is Sad," is, how hypnotically its rhythms unfold, how much the poem is about the pull of its own musical seduction, how the cadences hover between free verse and metered verse, how the images hover between loveliness and venom; and how, more than the poem's candid statements, even more than the rich mystique of its conceit that produces the final equation between fish and speaker, the rhythms themselves embody the unending struggles between body and spirit, desire and memory, insentience and sentience: