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Pro-life advocates insist that however insentient the embryo, and however much it can't represent its own interests, its right to life has a moral claim on us nearly equivalent to the life of a child or adult (nearly equivalent because they concede a mother's life trumps that of the fetus should a conflict arise).
For example, rocks, which are insentient and unmoving, have only a very limited participation in being.
Descartes, with his "I think, therefore I am," began the filthy business, referring to his dissected animals as books, proposing that they were insentient and that their cries of pain were of no more significance than the screech of a wheel in need of oil - they cannot think, therefore they are nothing.
In the language of animal liberation, genetics would allow us to distinguish sentient species from insentient species (e.
Thus, because insentient fetuses cannot have interests, insentient fetuses cannot be wronged.
Accordingly, a person's mind - as constituted by Buddha nature - is in interdependent, non-dual relationship with every part of sentient and insentient nature, which also possesses the same Buddha nature.
Beyond this, several general schemes or guidelines have been proposed to draw attention to the ethical use of animals and the reduction of use and suffering, such as Russell and Burch's "alternatives" to animal use, the three "Rs": replacement, substitution of insentient material for conscious living animals; reduction in the number of animals used to gain information of a given amount and precision; and refinement, decrease in the incidence or severity of inhumane procedures applied to animals still used.
Without wishing in any way to diminish traditional archaeological concerns, we believe that, by excluding belief, ritual and 'spiritual' experience, as uncovered by rock-art research, from accounts of the southern African past or by restricting these components to a brief coda to a technological symphony, writers create, albeit inadvertently, an ideological view that separates the indigenous Khoisan inhabitants of the subcontinent from the stream of human history: thus dispossessed, they appear to be insentient pawns on an ecological chess board, moved hither and thither by factors beyond their control (Lewis-Williams 1985; Wadley 1987; Mazel 1989).
Collins addresses them as living beings, and we may rightly expect that he will make on final effort to animate the corpse of Thomson, just as he seems poised to animate the insentient vales and woods.
While jump racing attracts a fervent fraternity who understandably revel in the emotional side of their half of the sport, Flat racing is perceived - and projected - as a more insentient pursuit.
and "How could the aggregation of millions of insentient neurons generate subjective awareness?
For this marionette's every movement, he claims, would be more graceful than any person's--akin to that of a pendulum, whose insentient motion is determined solely by an unwavering center of gravity.