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"So given that [according to you], the Madhyama and [Vaikhan planes] belong to the condition of duality inasmuch as they have parts, [and] since they are insentient insofar as their forms are variegated due to ignorance ..."
I argued in this essay that Under the Skin grapples with three different, but closely intertwined, problems: first, the relativity of any conception of the "human," explored here through continuous perspective reversals in moving between readers' everyday assumptions and Isserley's "alien" point of view; second, the constraints that language and concepts pose on intersubjective interaction, turning "mercy" (and therefore sympathy, empathy, and interpersonal understanding) into an intrinsically "murky" process; third, the "strangeness" of consciousness itself in a universe dominated by insentient matter operating under strict physical laws.
The former is considered sentient and the later insentient. Many people are of the opinion that the existence of consciousness in this universe is a reality and the big bang theory could not be considered complete till it can account for the presence of consciousness along with the other forms of insentient matter.
Medea is likened to such insentient objects as stones, waves, and iron (28-32, 1279-80) in order to convey her isolation from human attachments.
In this volume, attempting to resolve where we are to place character, Lacan's ideas about language and ethics is considered, at the same time shaking readers out of evoking the insentient nature of subjectivity.
David Ramsay notes in an article on Hawthorne's psychological relationship to Maine that "Despite Hawthorne's self-portrait of his youth, there was a vast difference between native freedom and his own rustification, for he enjoyed his 'savage' freedom on account of the very restrictive and 'civilized' benefit of hereditary land title gained through investment." (8) Hawthorne does not seem to have been insentient to this.
I had sometimes been miles overhead, my focus on insentient ice.
In the protagonist's mind there is a never-ending war between sentience within and insentient chaos in the exterior world; there is not even the illusion of ultimate sentience in death or beyond it.
Or like the nipple of a breast, insentient but expectant, urged by the sunlight to a solitary indulgence in exposure.
Good character, by contrast, like the sense of sight, "makes us know, and makes many differences clear." (86) As a form of insentience, finally, bad character is a form of death--for to live insentient, as plants do, is in a sense "to lie dead and unbeing." (87) Through the completions that keep them from such a death, human beings attain the stature marked out for them in Aristotle's ethical works.
The Baktaman shield is apparently understood to embody some form of agency rather than being just an insentient object used in a purposeful human act.
Living in this schizoid manner has freed the human race to exploit Nature and treat it like an insentient object without autonomy and sovereign rights.