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4) Their semantic unity is formally reflected in their inseparability, impossibility of modification by very, and fixed sequence of constituents.
Albers annotates Mitchell's career trajectory with biography, illustrating their inseparability, beginning with childhood accounts of Mitchell's unique conception of color.
Specifically, it sets out an argument for a suitably formulated version of the inseparability claim, an argument that appeals to the relationship between the reactive attitudes and other elements of our emotional lives.
As the book moves between elaborate case studies of political philosophies, movements, and systems, and theoretical studies of core concepts, Sartwell aims to take this motivating idea beyond the gloss that all political ideas and values have aesthetic dimensions to challenge the inseparability of political values from aesthetic ones.
Demonstrating the inseparability of race and understandings of beauty, she devotes the first half of Queen of the Virgins to a discussion of "before-time" queens, a group that included slave women who negotiated their place in society and pushed against the understanding that only white women could be beautiful.
2 A DANGEROUS METHOD (David Cronenberg) At long last, a brilliant intellectual adventure film about the birth of psychoanalysis and Freud's disruption of early-twentieth-century repressive bourgeois society with his insistence on the reality of the body and its inseparability from the psyche.
Focusing on the inseparability of technology and writing, Dobrin explores how these four books provide us with a more thorough understanding of the ecology of our changing discipline.
In Part 1, entitled "The Novel," Henri Mitterand discusses the inseparability of pleasure and pain in nineteenth-century prose and aesthetics; Michael Tilby studies the language of intoxication in Balzac's Comedie humaine; and Franceso Manzini reads pain in Balzac's L'Envers de l'histoire contemporaine as the means by which the Romantic generation expiates the sins of its forebears.
We encounter some stunning reflections on the inseparability of sexual arousal and religious piety in Catholic art in the same pages that we confront the common horrors of death by childbirth and breast cancer: the former, the common lot for married women, who seldom saw their forties until the nineteenth century; the latter, known as the "nun's disease," associated with female celibacy.
At the same time, we need to learn to pursue justice with reason and our senses, distinguished from the reality of faith, while also maintaining the inseparability of the two in the Christian life.
The same is the case of inseparability of the Tamil Eelam and today, on this auspicious day, we reaffirm our determination for the Tamil Eelam," he added.
My sincere hope is that at some point we'll go beyond personal gratification and realise the true value of quieting the mind, of being good to the body, of relieving ourselves of stress and of paying attention to others and recognising our inseparability from the rest of the world," Chopra told Playboy [Click to see nuggets from this page] .