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A 2011 study commissioned by the Quandt family, which has owned BMW for decades, found that then-owner GEaA-nther Quandt was "linked inseparably with the crimes of the Nazis".
My sense of the heavens' beauty, of eternity, was inseparably mixed for me with a sense of transience--and death," he wrote in the July 26th New York Times.
No more than 44 miles apart, the beaches described by Booth and Omer are world apart, yet they are inseparably and perversely linked.
The COAS said that Pakistan and Afghanistan are uniquely, inseparably placed.
He said Pakistan and Afghanistan are uniquely and inseparably placed and peace in one country is not possible without peace in the other.
He discusses theography: a program for an architectonically delimited theological writing; looking for coherence in Calvin's soteriology; the inseparably different architectionics of Hegel and Derrida; salvation determined solely by justification: "God's mercy alone and Christ's merit;" transitions from justification to sanctification: identity, essential differance, and absolute relation; and the interfusion of sanctification and justification.
The statement also calls on the synod to "affirm the importance of upholding the Church's traditional discipline regarding the reception of the sacraments, and the millennial conviction that doctrine and practice remain firmly and inseparably in harmony" At the synod, some bishops drew a distinction between doctrine and discipline, but conservatives among the synod fathers said any change in discipline implies a change in doctrine.
As films demand more elaborate imagery, two departments have become inseparably close: visual effects and cinematography.
However, Jews exhibited such an incomparable creativity in German philosophy since the days of Moses Mendelssohn that the proportional contributions of both sides to the shared objective mind are inseparably fused.
Yet this promise is inseparably tied to a command: the command to return to God and wholeheartedly obey his law (cf.
The address from keynote speaker Ruth Meyers, chair of The Episcopal Church's standing commission on liturgy and music, made a beautiful point about liturgy and mission running together inseparably and continually, like a Mobius strip, he said.
The making of Kyrgyz felt carpets is inseparably linked to the everyday life of nomads, who used felt carpets to warm and decorate their homes.