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The Unimerco UM-Profile is a high-performance insert tooling system that offers flexibility and uses 2mm inserts which can be used in different bodies without.
In designs for both tabloid and broad-sheet sizes, the stand "holds papers in such a position that it's easier to insert," says Kirk, who adds that it halves insert-feeding time in his own shop.
The objective is to choose an insert with sufficient torque resistance to accommodate the tightening torque necessary to achieve sufficient axial tension load on the threaded joint to keep it together and prevent loosening, while also achieving pull-out values necessary for the load conditions that the insert will be exposed to while in service.
It holds the insert with more clamping force and requires only one Torx wrench to tighten them.
The combination included an uncoated tungsten carbide insert with a chip breaker and holder providing a zero-degree lead angle.
Even though they're tough, the inserts are ceramic and they can crack if you manhandle them.
Mass-market retailers and discounters, which advertise lots of products, use inserts because they can highlight more items in a multipage insert than in a newspaper ad of comparable cost.
According to insert tooling manufacturers, wood products makers are more concerned than ever about manufacturing products that feature clean, tight fits and leave little margin for error.
A well-known and much used solution to fixing onto non-metals, brass threaded inserts can often provide higher torque or pull out performance by the application of heat or ultrasonic energy to further embed the insert into its substrate.
A sensor, hinge, clutch, or torque insert may need to be positioned in the middle of the part.