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Metal bushings and plastic bearings are inserted into parts to provide lubricity for rotating shafts.
2), or had never used an inserted method of STD prevention or birth control (2.
Each insert is held in place by a tork screw inserted from the opposite side of the tool into a threaded wedge in the collar of the insert.
TM], involves the use of a small wick that is inserted through a tympanic membrane vent tube into the round window niche.
The inserter opens each copy with a finger of the left hand, slips in an insert with the right hand, and pulls the succession of inserted copies forward against the front panel of the stand.
The foreign gene then can be inserted in a location that disrupts a natural gene of the vaccinia, thereby further attenuating it.
Marketers often target men for electronics advertising; however, they should consider broadening their approach to reach this key female consumer segment through dynamic inserted advertisements and strategic direct mail campaigns.
A 40-kHz ultrasonic transducer is coupled to an aluminum horn whose circular tip is inserted through the mold flush with the inner surface of the mold cavity.
The Washington Post for several years has been wrapping its preprint package in plastic, but its sections are collated rather than inserted.