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If precision is key, insert molding ensures the exact placement and alignment of inserted components by compensating for insert variance and reducing tolerance stack-up requirements.
Like metal, the thermoset can be inserted ultrasonically.
Although the extra second is usually inserted as the 61st second of a minute, some software and some digital clocks don't implement the leap second in that way, notes McCarthy.
* If you want Word to insert the current month whenever you print your document, follow these steps: Put your cursor where you want the month inserted and press Ctrl+F9 to insert a set of field braces: {}
Women who had a surgical abortion were significantly more likely to have any laminaria inserted (92% vs.
Because of the difficulty in crystallizing membrane proteins, there is considerable interest in identifying systems that mimic biological membranes and facilitate structural studies of inserted proteins.
After processing, mixing, shipping or storing, the insert is removed and a new one inserted so drums can be used again and again.
Each insert is held in place by a tork screw inserted from the opposite side of the tool into a threaded wedge in the collar of the insert.
Breast implant surgery can last from one to several hours depending on whether the implant is inserted behind or in front of the chest muscle, and whether surgery is performed on one or both breasts.