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When offered the chance to practice inserting the female condom in themselves, only 5% of women refused, citing lack of interest in the method.
Before inserting the MicroWick, the surgeon may perform an otoendoscopy of the middle ear.
Indeed, there is one group of researchers working on inserting foreign genes into a herpes simplex virus.
Nordis Direct utilizes the FlowMaster 12000 XL for inserting envelopes in sizes ranging from 3 3/4" x 6 3/4" (standard #7) to a maximum of 10" x 13".
This inserting system makes it possible to configure it for special requirements, such as high-volume or multi-page mailings, extra capacity envelopes and online postage meter connections for assembling personalized mailings and selecting the optimal combinations of supplements.
FP developed the FPi 500 system to meet the folding and inserting needs of the lower volume, small business owner," said Scott Ginnett, Marketing Manager of FP Mailing Solutions.
Officially recognized as the world's fastest inserting system by the Guinness Book of World Records, the Kern 3000 on display at Xplor 2002 will feature several ergonomic upgrades and productivity enhancements.
This is a vast improvement over the rate of 100 envelopes per hour for hand folding and inserting.
At the heart of any advanced print/mail finishing operation is a high-speed, high-integrity intelligent inserting capability.
to integrate Miracom's production control software into NEWSTEC's remanufactured inserting systems.