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Although RA 7277 encourages television stations to use subtitles or sign-language interpreters in their news programs, Zarate said only a small number of major news programs are regularly using subtitles or sign-language insets.
On the other hand, he said a couple of regional stations have been utilizing sign language insets with the help of non-government organizations (NGOs).
House Bill 2588 aims to address such need by making it compulsory for all franchise holders of operators of television stations, producers of television programs, home video programs and motion pictures to have their programs and films broadcast with Filipino Sign Language insets, and where possible closed captions, said Rodriguez, chairman of the committee on Mindanao affairs.
As the most inadequate spectator in the play's inset, he recognizes neither fiction nor truth, he is unable to distinguish between appearance and reality, and he is insufficient to provide the moral lesson.
Rather, the art piece teaches a moral concept: Massinger's art functions within the play as a type of inset piece disclosing the spectator audience's passions.
The conclusion addresses three additional inset forms: paradramatic scenes, informal playlets, and trial scenes, each manifesting Massinger's extensive view regarding the importance of onstage spectatorship.
For now, said Liggens, the folder is used "purely for commercial work," but about 80% of press use is devoted to rewinding inset color for the newspapers.
Fox said that Hurletron, which sell s similar inset control systems for packaging and multicolor commercial flexo operations, still offers insetting controls in its product line for newspaper presses.
The motorbikes are to be used by district level INSET structures such as the District Training Officers, District Master Trainers, District Teacher Support Teams and Circuit Supervisors, to make better supervision and monitoring of the INSET Programme.
There are about 15 well-doing INSET districts that has received benefit from the donation.