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This case depicts blatant violation of the relevant provisions of the 2015 Securities Act as the accused abused their positions by defrauding the bank and passed inside information to the accused clients.
AIM is proposing to retain this obligation but the MAR requirement in relation to inside information will also apply.
Each of the six traded and profited on the inside information McPhail supplied to them, the complaint alleged.
1) Inside information is precise information on the financial instruments or their issuers that has not been made public and can influence market prices.
The BHA is refusing to comment on the case, pending an appeal, although the disciplinary panel had attempted to defuse the inside information issue within its findings.
As well as failing to co-operate with the BHA, he also breached old Rule 220(ix) in that he caused Cooper to communicate to inside information for reward.
Market participants must always be alert to the possibility that inside information is being passed, and where it is they must not trade.
All firms who handle inside information relating to takeovers should review the robustness of their own controls against the findings from this review and make any necessary improvements that they can make.
To minimise the costs of implementing these measures and to reduce the risk of noncompliance with the MAD, the Guidelines recommend that price-sensitive information pertaining to a transaction is disclosed within the ordinary post-issuance reporting of that transaction, provided that certain minimum levels of regularity of reporting, Quality and standardisation of reports are observed, and that the reports are disclosed through the channels determined by the relevant Member State legislation for disclosure of inside information.
It's only a valid target of the law in a situation where there's actual fraud involving someone to whom the trader had a fiduciary obligation, such as the one Sam Waksal had to his shareholders not to trade on inside information.
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