inside information

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Prosecutors said from 2008 to 2014, Walters earned profits of $32 million and avoided losses of $11 million trading on inside information about Dean Foods from Davis and another $1 million trading on a tip about Darden Restaurants Inc.
"An independent tribunal found Mr Mathers guilty of providing inside information on his club's playing strengths and pre-match preparations, and of encouraging other people to bet on the outcome of a match using the social media messaging application, Whatsapp."
The court further instructed lower courts faced with a claim of a fiduciary's imprudence that 1) the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)'s duties do not require that a fiduciary violate insider trading laws; 2) requiring a sale or planned purchase of employer stock on the basis of inside information could conflict with insider trading laws, as could public disclosure of the information; and 3) a complaint must plausibly allege that a prudent fiduciary could not have concluded that stopping a purchase of employer stock or disclosing nonpublic information would do the plan more harm than good.
McPhail allegedly fed inside information were, according to the SEC: Douglas A.
The passing of inside information to somebody that uses the information for betting remains prohibited."
Book now through NY Big Game Hotel, and get better rates, service and inside information and watch the Seahawks win the Super Bowl once more.
The unlawful disclosure of inside information will be punishable by a maximum term of at least two years.
Under financial rules, companies must draw up and maintain insider lists with names of all employees, contracted staff, advisers and anyone else with access to inside information. In a statement, C&C Group said it was an administrative failure.
Mathew Martoma, a 38-year-old ex-trader at SAC Capital Advisors, purportedly used inside information about clinical drug trials to net his company nearly $276 million in illegal profits.
Late Friday the SESC called for the financial authority to impose a penalty of 14.68 million yen ($184,000) on New York Securities for trading Tokyo Electric Power shares based on inside information regarding a 2010 share offering.
A matter of minutes after the telephone conversation had concluded and on the basis of that inside information, Mr Einhorn gave instructions to sell all of Greenlight's holding in Punch.
Cooper, who became Britain's youngest trainer when taking a licence in 2009, was found in breach of the old Rule 243 - communicating inside information for reward - and old Rule 220(i) - aiding and abetting the commission of a corrupt and fraudulent practice.