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The government opposed this departure, arguing, among other things, that PRABHAKAR's criminal conduct extended over a period of 16 months; included many disclosures of insider information and two separate profit-making trades based on disclosure of that confidential information; and PRABHAKAR made efforts to conceal his ill-gotten gains by structuring deposits of cash into his accounts in amounts less than $10,000, the amount at which banks must file currency transaction reports with the IRS.
Under Japanese law, heavier penalties are imposed on investors who make profits based on insider information than on those who leak it, the latter in many cases securities firms' officials.
Those who take unfair advantage of their insider information by trading for their own personal benefit will be aggressively prosecuted.
Wall Street elders insist that up-and-coming investmentbankers like Dennis Levine, who pleaded guilty to parlaying insider information to build a $12.
HSS developed Insider Information to help the healthcare industry cope with today's evolving regulatory environment," explains Leary.
It has been long pointed out that in Japan the volume of stock trading abnormally expands ahead of the announcement of large new share issues, due apparently to such short-sellers trading on insider information and others following suit.
Such insider information could have given TEC an unfair advantage over fellow bidders and should have disqualified it from the bidding process.
Community Magazine - providing insider information such as must-see attractions, museums, local beaches with corresponding photos, recreational activities, a golf guide and stadium guides including seating charts;
Li obtained insider information that major drugmaker Eisai Co.
First, Pamela Andrada, Central Bank President Carlos Massad's secretary, was caught allegedly leaking insider information to brokerage firm Inverlink, which, in a separate scam, sold approximately US$100 million in stolen government certificates of deposit.
With the governor (Romer) asking everyone to give their best idea, I'd be surprised if there was much in the way of an advantage in having some insider information.
Our healthcare customers face daunting challenges in conducting patient privacy audits across dozens of applications as well as detecting medical identity theft and other insider information security incidents.