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They are insiders, and as such, face tough insider information rules.
During the time he worked at three investment banks, Levine is alleged in 54 instances to have used insider information to buy stock in companies about to be acquired or to make other deals.
Such insider information could damage the financial strength of a listed company by triggering massive short-selling on expectations that issuing new equity would depress the company's share price because of dilution of per-share value.
Li obtained insider information that major drugmaker Eisai Co.
First, Pamela Andrada, Central Bank President Carlos Massad's secretary, was caught allegedly leaking insider information to brokerage firm Inverlink, which, in a separate scam, sold approximately US$100 million in stolen government certificates of deposit.
In an opening statement outlining the nature of the alleged crime, the prosecution said Li had worked for Nomura's corporate information division that handles corporate mergers and acquisitions, and obtained insider information.