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There was a pause for a few moments, and then the low insidious sound was repeated.
And that disease is as insidious as it is ultimately fatal.
Opens Friday THE STARS Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Ty Simpkins, Barbara Hershey THE VERDICT The first Insidious was an old-school horror gem - chilling and rather funny.
With a camera swooshing through a darkened room before settling on the face of a creepy toy clown in the first few minutes, Insidious suggests retro, pant-filling terror lies ahead.
On page 12, Robert Schoenburg writes about the insidious invasion of acronyms in our language.
Insidious Trauma Caused by Prenatal Gender Prejudice.
This classic, which spawned a horde of lesser works featuring demonically possessed children, simply involves a typical young couple with ordinary aspirations and the wife's growing paranoia that her husband is involved in some insidious conspiracy that will involve her unborn child.
His song "Sigourney Weaver" is a lament to the allegedly omitted lesbianism of her Aliens character Ripley, a choice Moyer believes was made "not for creative reasons but insidious political reasons.
This was an insidious allegory which, to judge from the men cavorting in unison in preppy ties and gray flannels, happens in one of those uptight English boarding schools, ready to crack at the seams.
Determined to plough on after few people saw his post-Saw films, Dead Silence and Death Sentence (2007), Wan made Insidious for $800,000.
Insidious villains, plot twists and turns set a breathless pace that MacNee is well capable of maintaining.