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He insightfully critiques such "neutral" terms as citizenship and national belonging, showing that such terms are tropes for white racialized identity, power, and privilege.
This book insightfully unravels the necessity of overcoming the contemporary philosophical tendency to 'atomize issues' (xi), and there is reason to believe that Short's comprehensive study will set the agenda for interesting future developments in Peircean scholarship.
Or: Conversely, "Anchorwoman," unwittingly (or, perhaps, otherwise), is an insightfully blistering critique of the utter glib i ng in this tiny Texas market is the medium writ large: Pretty faces, smiley-faced stories, cleavages to which attention must be paid ems the Fox network's mea culpa for sister outfit Fox News Channel: We apologize, they're saying, for reducing public discourse to t There's a cagey visual motif: Frequent shots of signs on executives' doors reveal readings in Braille.
He seems to cut right to the nub of every programme he watches and sums it up insightfully.
More than 50 years of Driskell's paintings, drawings, prints, and collages are represented, along with an insightfully informative text providing background and biography.
Swanston includes insightfully details of Clarke, the man, and his times.
This novel, based on a true incident, is a major thematic departure for Tan, who has written so insightfully about mother-daughter relationships in the context of the Chinese-American experience.
He captured the salient issues insightfully and perspicaciously, and presented them perspicuously at that.
Quietly downbeat with yet another excellent world-weary turn by Macy, it unfolds its moral ambiguities and insightfully observed family relationships with a slow, sure hand to deliver an absorbing and affecting neo noir movie that deserves much better exposure
As Cook insightfully explains, "in the world of the high school and junior high, independence and maturity--or at least their public, bodily markers--functioned as a form of cultural capital" (p.
When Sad Things Happen In The World, psychologist Ann Rasmussen insightfully employs a picturebook format to explain how young children respond to violence and tragedy, provides concrete suggestions for helping children feel safer, and offers families ideas for making the world a better place for children.
The best dance critic in America--yes, better than that most dexterous of neoconservative phrase-turners Arlene Croce--Jowitt wrote vividly and insightfully about dance for decades at the Village Voice during the very period in which Robbins transformed himself from the most important choreographer and director on Broadway (Call Me Madam, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, Fiddler on the Roof, Funny Girl, Gypsy) into a "serious" dance impresario, second only to his New York City Ballet master-colleague-rival George Ballanchine.